Performance Karbon G6 {Limited Edition}

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Its here! get the worlds most advanced handboard now!!!!

Need for speed?  Then the Karbon G6 is for you.  The G6’s sleek design gives Slyders the ultimate ride every water-sport enthusiast dreams about. Carbon fiber high  tensile strength to low weight ratio makes it the perfect material for the perfect SLYDE.  Named after the G6 Gulfstream Jet to satisfy your need for speed.

Special Treatments and finishes on each Slyde Handboard create color and marking variations in the glassing process, adding to each boards unique individuality.

  • Materials:  Epoxy, Eps, fiberglass and 2mm Carbon Fiber
  • Weight :   620 Grams
  • Dimensions:  19.8” X  10.1”
  • Overall:  Tight rails with a deep concave and double Swallow tail with wings for facial grip
  • Wave Size:  All around, but loves shore break
  • Skill Level:   Advanced

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