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10 Best Places for Students to Learn to BodySurf in the World

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10 Best Places for Students to Learn to BodySurf in the World

I’ve tried many things, but nothing is as exhilarating as bodysurfing.

Mastering your wave, while connecting with the ocean is one of the best feelings you can ever have.

Body Surfing is also a good physical and mental exercise. Surfing is just about improving yourself and seeing more of the world. I bet you can’t compare bodysurfing to the gym, right?

There are a number of destinations all over the world to help you learn how to surf. As a student, visiting these places will definitely be a great adventure for you. Starting from the sea sides in the UK to some of the best Asian destinations in the world.  Not to forget Australia, the beautiful and unique continent.

Today, we are going to show students where to bodysurf and handboard, specifically designed with the budget traveler in mind.

Taghzout, Morocco

Most of us know about Morocco. But do you know the small town called Taghzout? This town has great waves throughout the year. You can enjoy yourself to the fullest here, without worrying about your budget. You can rent a surfboard from the shops near the beach, or hopefully you put your Slyde Handboard in your carry on, to start having fun right away.

There are a variety of surfing and yoga retreats in this small town for you. We suggest booking in advance because you’ll be picked up from Agadir Airport and be taken to check out your accommodation. Time it out right, and you're in for a sunset yoga. In most cases, people learn how to surf in small groups. So this will be great especially for the solo traveler.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is an amazing summer hotspot for students. The bargain hostels and beach life with an amazing scenery is everything any student can ever want. Due to the amazing deals offered in Bali, millions of tourists’ flock all over every year.

If you want to learn how to surf, visit the local surfing schools nearby the beach for a few hours. When the class is over, just look out for other surfers in the water. If you are a pro, then you are free to be a lone wolf. This beach is as attractive as its name. The powerful waves and the gentle breeze will make your heart beat fast. 

Hawaii, USA

The Hawaiian life. Have you ever written an essay about it? Students who need help with essay should visit this destination. With professional surfers just hanging around there, it would be disappointing to miss out on this opportunity. The Waikiki beach is a perfect place for beginners to start their lessons. If learning how to surf is frustrating, just sit out over the Banzai Pipeline and look at the professionals riding the huge waves.

Montauk, New York

Have you ever imagined surfing anywhere near Fifth Avenue? It’s quite funny. If you stop thinking about business and financial statements for a while and head out to the Hamptons, you’ll find one of the best surfing spots in America. Montauk is a fishing town located in the outskirts of New York City. This beach is a friend to many. Sometimes, the only inspiration you need at the moment is watching the sunset, listening to music and surfing.

Thurso, Scotland

Thurso has one of the greatest waves in the UK. And that makes it ideal an destination. With the strong winds there, practicing and mastering what you’ve learned in your surfing class might be a bit difficult so ensure you know what you are doing before starting your practice lessons. Only for the confident and skilled bodysurfers.

Byron Bay, Australia

Yes, Australia here we come. Byron Bay is just as beautiful as you see in the movies. The golden sands are welcoming and accommodating for any bodysurfer. The waves in this place are perfect for the beginner. Apart from surfing, Byron Bay is just an amazing destination to relax and cool off with beautiful restaurants and dolphins. You will never want to leave this place.

Siargio, Philippines

The Siargio waves are for people looking for fun and adventure. The water is quite unpredictable, but you’ll definitely find a number of good spots since the place is connected to about seven thousand islands. Siargio has been ranked as the number one surfing spot in Philippines. The beautiful town has an amazing views. It’s perfect for solo travelers. The water is warm and you can have coconut anytime you want.

Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa

Jeffrey’s Bay is a popular spot for tourists all over the world and the locals. It has several surfing shops that will help you get properly equipped for your adventure. As a beginner, you can learn everything you need to know at the Dolphin beach. If you find yourself in South Africa, Jeffrey’s bay is where to learn to surf.

Nayarit, Mexico

Nayarit is a popular surfing and bodysurfing destination in Mexico. It has popular restaurants and resorts so this will be quite expensive. If you are only interested with surfing, you can visit Sayulita and San Pancho; two small towns located nearby. These two towns are ideal for beginners. All you have to do is grab the board and start your adventure.

San Sebastian, Spain

This location combines delicious food with fun. It is a great spot for both the pro and amateur bodysurfer. If you want to have the best time ever, this is the place for you. Spain is just perfect!

At the end of the day, we all need to rest and recover after working so hard. Students who don’t take some time off do not get good grades. Also, if you’ve been performing well, now is the time to reward yourself. Don’t just stay indoors watching movies and playing video games all day. Get out and have fun with real people. Travel to the best places to learn to surf at low costs. Taste new food. Listen to relaxing music while watching the sunset. Feel the gentle breeze on your body. You’ll be amazed by the results you’ll get.

Guest author Bio Have you ever written an essay about it? Students who need help with essay from Studyclerk should visit this destination.

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