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Stumped in finding the perfect gift for your surfer dude? Slyde Handboards is here to help dampen the stress, and spread the love.

Included in this awesome gift guide you’ll find 10 uniquely epic options your favorite waterman will love, all of which get our stoke stamp of approval.

Surf Grass Mats

Surf Grass Slyde Handboards

Help him from burning his feet on the black top, or bringing sand where it’s not welcomed. Surf Grass Matsare compact high quality synthetic turf, designed to put his feet and mind at ease, and focused on what matters most…Yewwww! 

It’s true happy feet bring more romance. 

Surf Ears

Surf Ears for Surfers

These stellar waterproof ear plugs make hearing I love you’s loud and clear, and keep water out. SurfEars have close to zero acoustic loss in frequency of human speech, and 100% ease in use.

Keep whispering sweet nothings in his ear.

Kaha Nalu Sweatshirt

Bodysurfing Hawaii

What’s the next best thing to taking your sweetheart on a romantic Hawaiian getaway?Bringing the Aloha to him! Handprinted in Hawaii, these limited edition & extra cozy Kaha Nalu (Hawaiian word for Bodysurfing) sweatshirt, is a must for the bodysurfer in your life.

This hoodie will get you lei’d.

Rule#5 Surf Wallet

Surf Wallet money holder 

Help him keep his bank roll & love notes close with this simple and slim wallet by Rule #5. Designed to keep him ocean minded. Features include a surf leash zipper tab, ocean current inner print, and duck dive embossed leather.

Remember to always be rich with love & stoke. 

Ho Stevie Surf Poncho

Ho Stevie Surf Poncho

What’s red, warm and cozy?… this Ho Stevie Surf Poncho! Made extra long in length, with super soft & thick microfiber material, these surf robes will keep him on cloud 9.

Indecent Exposure Eliminator: Keeping his man parts for your viewing pleasure only. 

Slyde Handboards Phish Rocket

Slyde Handboards Speciality Board

Forget the boring box of chocolates and spoil your man some tasty wave candy. The classic Slyde Phish Rocket is designed for speed, smooth rides, and endless fun. 

Satisfy his sweet tooth and sense of adventure.

Dock & Bay Round Towel

Micofiber Round Towel

For the surfer dude, all great romances start at the beach. It’s time to add a new dimension to your love life with this round, luxurious, and spacious beach towel by Dock & Bay.  Perfect for that sunset beach picnic or pool side.

Towel off and lay on the seduction. 

Boombox Yoga Mat Bag

Boom Box Yoga Mat Bag

What’s sexier than being flexible on land + water? Nothing!  Turn up his sex appeal & activity level with this Boombox yoga mat bag by

Bring on Ohms full of bass, from the Yoga studio to the bedroom.

Downlight Travel Blanket

Eddie Bauer Travel Blanket

Stay warm while you Netflix and chill & beyond. Eddie Bauer believes in living your adventure, whether on the beach or from the couch. Downlight delivers an ultimate throw filled with 700 power premium down, and a compact design made to Go.

Down to enhance your cuddle time.

Doppel Toiletry Bag

Surf Dude Toiletry Kit 

Salty hair don’t care is cool, but he’ll look extra smooth with this 100% Silicone manscaping bag. This is not your everyday toiletry bag by Würkin Stiffs it’s stylish, easy to wash/dry, and built to last.

Love is in the air & smells like a well-groomed man.

Happy Valentines day salty lovers. May the stoke of the sea & these epic gift ideas deepen your love, wave after wave!

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