Congratulations to Daren Jenner: New Thai Slyde Team Ryder

by Sarah Webb December 03, 2013

Daren Jenner new Slyde Team rider Thailand

Slyde Welcomes New Thai Team Ryder

Daren Jenner new Thailand Slyde team riderOur new Slyde Team Ryder Daren Jenner has sent us some photos and videos of himself in action, and he is absolutely tearing it up in Phuket, Thailand.  A Huntington Beach native, Daren took his bodysurfing skills to Surin Beach, Phuket, Thailand, where he saves lives as an ocean lifeguard.  Of the ten handboards he has in his quiver, four of them are Slyde handboards.  “The only ones I ride are my Slydes,” Darren told Slyde.  “I know a good thing when I see one.”

Daren started bodysurfing with handboards 45 years ago.  He tried surfing as a kid, but it couldn’t compete with the pure exhilaration he felt from gliding around on a black handgun, his very first handboard.  His new Slyde boards have allowed him to practice and perfect his cutbacks, barrel rolls and stalls in the Southeast Asian waters.  The Huntington Beach Pier, and both Surin Beach and Kata Beach in Phuket, Thailand are where you’ll see Daren rip it up.

Sarah Webb
Sarah Webb

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