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It’s true to get better at bodysurfing, you must bodysurf more. You need the time, resilience, and little bit of “talent”.

There are actually plenty of activities you can engage in outside the waters that can boost your surf skills.

Read on to learn the daily habits that will improve your bodysurfing by 300%.

As you already know handboarding requires you to be physically and mentally fit, it combines strength, endurance, speed, and balance. In fact, if you want to face bigger waves head-on then you must be fit and strong. Remember, even the full-time surfers, who always tackle bigger waves have their daily habits on-land and eat good foods. 

11 Daily Habits That Will Boost Your BodySurfing | Handboarding

1. Get A Quality Nights Sleep

Quality sleep is a performance enhancing drug of sorts. Keep in mind there is a huge difference between good sleep and quality sleep, although people are yet to recognize this. Quality sleep is prepared even before you go to bed. Where you sleep also contributes a lot to getting quality sleep. Even if you sleep 10 hours you cannot get quality sleep if you spend the whole night rolling in the bed.

You must ensure not to use electronic devices before you go to sleep and all the other things that can cause sleep deprivation.

There are many benefits of getting quality night sleep. Scientifically, adults are required to sleep for around 8 hours each night for the body muscle, skeletal, and other vital organs to heal and repair. A good night's sleep is necessary to restore cardiovascular, respiratory, and digestive systems.

Researchers argue that people who get quality sleep and have embraced healthy sleep patterns have enhanced their performance and can stay fit for a long period of time. Lack of sleep can kill,  so make sleep a priority each night.

2. Do Mountain Climbers Exercise

Mountain climbers can give your body the exercise you need to get fit in handboarding. In fact, this is one of the effective daily habits you don’t want to miss if you want to boost your surfing.

This exercise uses a lot of areas in your body including the muscles which are required to dominate in the surf. By moving your legs forward and backward, you will be working on your cardio.

3. Do Squat Jumps

Squat jumps give you cardio exercise and are crucial surfing exercise. Squat jumps are almost similar to the moments a surfer makes when on a skateboard. You need to strengthen your ankles, knees, hip, and spine since they support you while surfing. A squat jump is a classic exercise you can practice all the time.

4. Do Push-ups

Push-ups engage your entire body thus making you stronger, aligning your spine and boosting your shoulder control.  A stronger upper body prevents your shoulder from injuries, and is crucial when it comes to paddling power and taking off. You should do push-ups before you go to sleep, in the morning and before you work on your paddling.

5. Mind What You Eat

You know we are what we eat, right? And as a bodysurfer, you will need energy when swimming, threading water, and when adjusting your body due to constant changes of the waves. Rule of thumb, don’t eat fried foods, don’t drink wine, and stay away from beers when you are about to hit the lineup.

Rather, eat a lot of greens, fruits, especially red fruits; and most importantly stay hydrated before you paddle out.

6. Practice Swimming in Pools

Swimming is a sport recognized all over the world, and pools are sometimes easier to come by than the ocean. Swimming will build your lung capacity and enhance your paddling strength.  The more you swim, the more you get confidence in the ocean and this will give you the opportunity to tackle tough waves and serious hold downs.

7. Always Stay Hydrated

Of all the energy drinks you’ve ever come across, water is the best. Well, other drinks may taste sweet, but water is tasteless, although it’s still the best of all. Drinking the recommended amount of water capacity will protect you from dehydration.

Water balances your body fluids, strengthens muscles, nourishes your skin and boosts digestion”, says Shopia Bryan, a health expert at Edugeeksclub. Always have a bottle of water near you and you will thank yourself for that.

8. Quit Smoking

If you are a smoker and you can’t quit, then perhaps you should reconsider your desire for surfing. Smoking and surfing are two opposite things. Tobacco affects your lungs and can cause difficulties in breathing.

If you can quit, the better and if you haven’t started smoking don’t start.

9. Do Breath Hold Exercises

No, it’s not a competition! Don’t kill yourself by holding your breath for 20 minutes. Only a few simple breathing exercises are enough to boost your breath hold. Just a couple of minutes are enough.

10. Practice Running

Aerobic exercise is crucial when it comes to improving your surfing. When you run, you burn calories, strengthen your heart and bones. According to wellness expertsrunning brings down blood pressure as well. Just ensure to get a 20 to 30-minute running session two times a week to boost your strength and endurance. 

11. Meditate

Meditation plays a huge role in the health of a human being. It can also help you tackle other surf-related circumstances such as snaking, crowded lineups, and dangerous hold-downs. In fact, seasoned surfers who meditate say that it helps to fight low back pain.

Make No Mistake By implementing these 11 daily habits, you will boost your surfing skills fast than you can imagine. Some of these habits are meant to make you stronger, fitter and physically fit while others will help build your mental spirit.

Happy surfing!

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