Slyde Welcomes 2014 Hawaiian Team Ryder and the Woody Paniolo

by Sarah Webb January 07, 2014

new Slyde ryder Taylor Char

After a month-long search for Slyde Handboards' 2014 #Hawaii Team Ryder, and the votes are in...Let's give a big aloha to 14-year-old Hawaiian charger, Taylor Char!!  Thank you to everyone that entered and who continues to spread the stoke to the islands of Hawaii!

New Hawaiian Ryder, New Hawaiian Board

New Hawaiian Woody PanioloIn honor of our new Hawaiian Islands ryder, Slyde is also proud to announce the arrival of a handboard that can handle Hawaii...the Woody Paniolo.  You might be wondering what Paniolo  (pa·ni·o·lo  [pah-nee-oh-loh]) means.  Simply put, it's "Hawaiian Cowboy".  Riding this bad boy on an epic Hawaiian shore break will make you feel like a "Paniolo" riding a bucking bronco.  Get on, hold tight, get shacked and smile like you've never smiled before. The wood veneer design took its inspiration from Hawaiian wood art and the search for our Hawaiian rider, Taylor Char. The Paniolo takes our timeless wood veneer work to new levels.  Check out the Paniolo in all its glory at the Slyde store here.

Sarah Webb
Sarah Webb

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