Pro Surfer Workout Routines: There's an App for That

January 09, 2014 2 min read

pro surf training app
Whether you're a seasoned waterman or a fresh grommet, there's an app that can give you workout routines fit for pro surfers.  The Joel Parkinson Pro Surf Training App gives you 30 workout routines and 10 different waves, all at the tip of your fingers on your smartphone.  

A Custom Workout for You

Pro Surf Training AppThe app follows the combined training exercises of Wes Berg, one of the most elite Ironmen out there, and World Champion surfer Joel Parkinson.  They can help every surfer from every experience level achieve their desired goal, and you can use the "Focus Areas" section to customize the part of your body or workout equipment you want to concentrate on.  Its balance, leg power and core strength routines are taken straight from the workout routines Parkinson followed to get his World Champion Title.  It's even equipped with a "Tour Stop" section that allows you to train for waves found at each stop of the World Tour.

Pick Your Wave, Pick Your Workout

Pro Surf Training AppWhether you want to learn how to tackle big barrels or long point breaks, this app will help you train for that specific wave with workouts built to condition just for that special break.  Composed of step-by-step guides and video demonstrations, these workout routines recreate the exact movements surfers use when they're out in the lineup.  This means what you do in the gym will immediately help improve your wave-riding abilities, and you will definitely feel the results.
After you complete your pro surf workout routines, you can record what you've finished, track what you have left to do and share it with your friends along the way.
Now even if you can't get in the water, you can still keep up your surf training and get a workout like the pros!
Sarah Webb
Sarah Webb