The Ten Truths of Bodysurfing

by Sarah Webb January 31, 2014

The ten truths of bodysurfing; Willy Cole

When you suit up and head out to the lineup, there's a lot of factors you can't always count on.  Winds, swells, tides and weather are predictably unpredictable.  The surf forecast may say one thing, but Mother Nature holds the inevitable truth.  Redbullrecently posted a few truths of surfing.  While there's a few that apply to bodysurfing, we noticed that there's quite a number of truths for bodysurfers and handboarders only.  Whether there's barrels or mushburgers, there will always be the ten truths of bodysurfing/handboarding that will keep coming back to you.


  1. No matter how you ride that barrel, sand is going to get in somewhere you don't want it to be.
  2. Practice in the water beats practice on land or in the gym.  Every time.
  3. You're not the fastest kicker in the world or Michael Phelps, nor are you a merman/mermaid.  Use fins.  You'll be amazed.
  4. It's never acceptable to snake a pal you shared a ride to the beach with. (Truth Courtesy: Redbull)
  5. Your hand can only cover so much surface area.  You need a handboard for maximum coverage.
  6. To paddle for it or to push off of the bottom?  Push.  More speed and power.
  7. When it comes down to it, all you need is your good 'ol body to have a good time bodysurfing.
  8. You won't have any fun if you're too cold.  Wetsuit appropriately.
  9. The life of your wetsuit depends on how well you take care of it.
  10. It is always unacceptable to refuse a pal's request for a dawn sesh. (Truth Courtesy: Redbull)
Sarah Webb
Sarah Webb

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