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Slyde has some of THE most committed brand ambassadors on the planet!

Carlos Hebert of Montreal Canada,  takes commitment to a whole new level.

We're stoked to shine the spotlight on Carlos, as the May Slyde Ambassador 2016.

You may remember Carlos from his insane ice river bodysurfing videos this winter.
Beware these will give you serious brain freeze
The rivers may be thawing out, but Carlos's Slyde Stoke is still going strong.  He's on day 252 of a 365 day Waterman Challenge, which began Sept 22nd 2015. 

Self-imposed challenge Carlos's made to honor his father, who passed away from skin cancer and to bring awareness to the cause.  

To dedicate yourself to anything for a year is a massive accomplishment. 

We've been in awe of his commitment since day #1 when he explained how he just handboarded in -7F Riverwater full ice chunks and he was still soooo incredibility amped.

"the way your handboard is working makes me happy I got good rides , but very frozen handboard and a frozen body."

Both out of curiosity and concern Slyde has asked Carlos to keep us in the loop of his waterman adventures, after not hearing from him for an unusual amount of time emails like the most recent are exchanged: Subject Line "Checking in Is Everything Ok Carlos ?!" from Angela. 

Of course everything fine, he's been busy on dawn patrol, chasing 5am waves for sunrise. Or getting some artificial barrels at his alternative turf the wavehouse.
On his final days of his 365 water challenge which is set to conclude Sept 22nd 2016, Carlos hopes his kids, friends, and fellow waterman will join him in a day of celebration by getting in the water, where-ever you may be.

A big congratulations to Carlos for being chosen as Slyde May Ambassador of the month. 
Cheers to warm summer months & keeping your skin well protected, and your Slyde stoke in overdrive. 

Psst...Carlos of Canada's board of choice is The Wedge Envy
This board is a natural born shredder.

Slyde Handboards Wedge Envy

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