Kama: The Surfing Pig

by Sarah Webb February 19, 2014

Pigs may not have learned how to fly yet, but apparently one pig has gotten the hang of hanging ten.

A pig named Kamapua'a (Kama for short) has started getting #shacked on the beaches of Hawaii with this owner, Kai Holt.  Costco is even supplying Kama with free boards for his surfing adventures.

"I think he enjoys it, you know.  He really gets off on it.  It seems like he has a good time out there," Holt told Hawaii News Now.

Holt found Kama while camping with his family at Bellows Beach and brought the little pig home.  A slip into the backyard pool led to Kama's love for the water and surfing.  Holt and his son, Braiden, took the pig to Sandy Beach where Kama began jumping on Holt's SUP for a ride.  After he gets the hang of surfing, maybe he'll give bodysurfing a try!

Sarah Webb
Sarah Webb

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