New: How to Bodysurf a Beach Break

March 13, 2014 1 min read

Dalton Smith and the guys over at NPI Productions cover the basics of bodysurfing a whomping beach break.  We know you've all been wanting to get the hang of this!  Here's a little sneak peek about how to get out to the break before you #getshacked.

"It's really important that you wait for a break in the set, because with any kind of surfing, if you paddle out midset, you're just going to get drilled.  I will almost always tighten down my handboard strap a little bit more than I usually do.  The same thing with the leash on my arm because you are going to get yanked around pretty good."

Check out the rest of the video to get more tips and tricks on how to have a successful beach break bodysurfing session.


Sarah Webb
Sarah Webb

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