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Slyde Team Ryder Australia Finalists

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Slyde team ryder Australia finalists
It's been a long search and we've had to make some tough calls, but Slyde has picked nine lucky finalists to contend for Australia's Slyde Team Ryder title!  Here's a quick look at our nine finalists:
1.  Daniel Carr
What makes a 38-year-old father of two (and a third on the way) want to ryde for Slyde?  The love of the ocean and sharing the stoke.  "When I'm in the surf age doesn't matter, I could be 15 again," says Carr.  "It's just me, some fins and my awesome handboard without a care in the world."
"I am currently riding a hand-made handplane made from a piece of ply that I made myself.  I want to ride for Slyde in 2014 because it will give me a greater opportunity to gain new skills related to handboarding and will hopefully allow me to travel to places such as Newport Beach, Maui and Waimea Bay to have some fun in and out of the water."
3.  Wayne Bird
"Why I want to RYDE4SLYDE is because life is too short to be sitting in the sand watching the world go by.  When in the water with my Slyde Handboard strapped to my hand, the enjoyment is overwhelming."
4.  Brett Tyack
"Why do I want to ryde for Slyde?  To spread the Stoke.  The pureness of bodysurfing cannot be underestimated. 
It takes time to learn, but the rewards are great! The ability to anonymously surf a "name"spot without the angst is special. Being at the BOTTOM of the pecking order can also have rewards!  'Only a surfer knows the feeling', well only a bodysurfer knows the feeling!!"
5.  Lyal O'Neill
"I've loved bodysurfing since I was a kid.  There's  nothing like Slyde-ing down the face of a wave and riding mother nature."
6.  Kyle Bodeham
"I want to ride for Slyde 'cause they're the best!  Nothing else needs to be said!"
8.  Alan Jones
"When I take my Slyde to my local breaks, nobody has seen one before and everybody wants to see it. It's such a sweet piece of kit, 10x better looking than the plain hand boards people are used to down under.  Since I'm spending 10mins every time I surf showing it to other people anyway, I'm already a volunteer brand ambassador!"
9.  Ben Jackson
"HOLY GUACAMOLE!!!  I am so determined to become a member of the Slyde team.  I've dreamed of getting shacked for you guys for so long!  I've been obsessed with your handboards recently.  The quality and effort put into them is so admirable.  I wish to open up a shop like yours one day!  Recently I noticed that 14 year old Taylor Char became sponsored by you guys, and the fact that he was my age inspired me so much!  I would love to ride for team Slyde.  Bodysurfing and the ocean is a way of life for me."
To vote for your pick and help them become Slyde's Australian Team Ryder, comment on the Facebook photo of all our finalists with the number that corresponds to your favorite rider!

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