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The Waterman's Dictionary

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Ever feel a little lost lingually when you're out in the lineup?  Watermen and women don't tend to use the same dictionary as the rest of us when it comes to talking about riding waves.  We here at Slyde just stumbled upon Riptionary, a mecca for those searching for the comprehensive surf dictionary.  This dictionaryhas an index that spells out STOKED, and it's seriously huge.  We've barely scratched the surface and we've already gotten a kick out of some of the terms.  Take a look at a few of our favorites that we've found so far. 

A Dictionary of Surf Terms (A to G)

Ancillary Stoke:  Condition bestowed upon an onlooker or crowd as a surfer pulls off a radical or insane maneuver. 

B1F:  Refers to being thrown off a wave by a rather sudden change in the very top of the wave. 

Bake:  Wave that closes out, and essentially just dumps over without peeling left or right.  A characteristic often found at a beach break.

Bennie:  A tanless tourist on the beach.  Long ago, doctors believed the rays of the sun were “beneficial” to ones health, thus ‘Benny’ was born.  Origin: New Jersey Shore.

Blow Out Your Squeaker:  What you say to someone who is hyperventilating and begins to panic after surfacing from a really long hold down. 

Broladex:  Where a guy keeps all his bros’ phone numbers.  A broladex is a cell phone – derived from Roladex. 

Buffalo-Eye:  Similar to the Stink-Eye, but longer in duration.  Conveys gravity or seriousness. 

Burnin’ House:  When the shoulder end opening of a tube closes and traps the rider inside the barrel as the wave shuts down.

Burnt Reynolds:  When a surfer gets badly sunburned.  Example:  “Man, I should have worn my rashie today.  I’m totally Burnt Reynolds.”

Claw Hands:  When your hands are too cold to open or close anything.  Brought on from surfing in frigid water.

Cookin’ Fish Sticks:  Something that is really easy. 

Crum Bum:  A wave that is crumbly and slightly walled.  Poor conditions.

Don the Apron:  To eat with malicious fervor, like one hasn’t had a meal in some time.  Usually occurs after an exceptionally long and taxing session. 

Flutes:  Modification to a swallow tail board design where small channels are incorporated into the underside of the tail from about three inches up from the board’s trailing edge. 

Funboard:  A mid-sized board designed for ease of riding small waves.  It usually has the shape of an egg, pickle or a longboard spoon nose.  Very easy to catch waves on and is a fun board to ride.

Gaper:  An exceptionally large barrel that typically has a huge pitching lip that throws way out away from the face.

Check back later for more of our favorites from the rest of the alphabet in this awesome waterman's dictionary!

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