Australia Team Ryder Search: Who Will Win?

by Sarah Webb March 26, 2014

Slyde Handboards Australia Team Ryder search

Your guys' enthusiasm has been incredible in helping us pick Slyde's Australia Team Ryder!  Votes have been pouring in, and we've put together a mid-competition tally to give you an idea of where all the potential ryders stand so far!


1st (with 184 votes): Lyall O'neill

2nd:  Ben Jackson

3rd:  Cameron Taylor

4th:  Daniel Carr

5th:  Stanton Baker

6th:  Alan Jones

7th:  A Tie! Wayne Bird and Kyle Bodenham

8th:  Brett Tyack


In just three days (4PM on March 28th), Slyde's Australia Team Ryder will be selected from this fearsome batch of Aussie finalists!  It's too close to call right now! Get your vote in for your favorite Australian ryder by commenting with their number below the photo on Slyde's Facebook page.

Sarah Webb
Sarah Webb

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