New University of Surfing Opening Soon!

by Sarah Webb April 10, 2014

La Jolla University of Surfing
For all you shred fanatics out there, it looks like you'll finally get a chance to hone up on your skills in the classroom.  The University of Surfing will open its doors in September 2014, and offer a range of degrees for the academic surfer looking to expand their mind.  Best of all, the University of Surfing will be built in one of the most quintessential surf spots in Southern California.
"It is our great honor to announce that the University of Surfing will open in La Jolla, near San Diego," the appointed Dean for the University of Surfing Fernando Aguerre said in a statement.  "The academic facilities will be built near the Scripps Institution of Oceanography."
Students at the University of Surfing will be able to choose between four degrees, including Advanced Surf Forecasting, History of Surfing, Competitive Surfing and Surf Industry Management.  "Our goal is to transform surfing from an exciting water activity into one of the ten most popular outdoor activities in the world," Aguerre said.
Surfing legends including Stephanie Gilmore, Mike Stewart, Bethany Hamilton, Mark Richards, Kelly Slater, Shaun Thomson, Garrett McNamara, Laird Hamilton and Maya Gabeira have all confirmed that they will be sharing what they know to students at the University of Surfing, so it's safe to say that if you attend, you'll be learning from the best.
"It's all in the brain. The University of Surfing is an excellent, groundbreaking initiative," Laird Hamilton said, according to SurferToday.  "I can confirm I will be teaching 'Hydrofoils in Hydrodynamics' in the inaugural year."
You can apply to the University of Surfing the same way that you would apply to any U.S. college.  The better grades and letters of recommendation you have, the more likely you'll be heading to Professor Hamilton's class this fall at the University of Surfing.
*Happy late April Fool's Day!  Hope you weren't too stoked on the University of Surfing.
Sarah Webb
Sarah Webb

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