Waterman's Dictionary: Part 3

by Sarah Webb April 25, 2014

Slyde Handboards' Waterman's Dictionary Part Three

Here's the third list of our favorite terms from Riptionary, and the final installment of Slyde's Waterman's Dictionary.

Dictionary Surf Terms (F-W)

Fluff:  Spray dispersing off the lip of a breaking wave.


Foamies:  Sloppy, whitewater, shore break.


Gunned:  Reference to the size of your board needed in relation to wave conditions.  Being "under gunned" is when conditions are too big for the type of board you're riding.


Helm Bluff:  Someone who surfs so bad, even after many years of trying, but still continues to be moivated just from the pure stoke of being out there.


Huey:  The mythical god of surfing thought by surfers to be responsible for spawning waves.


Lake Atlantic:  Condition found on the US East Coast, frequently during the summer months.  Lacking swell.


One and Done:  To catch one last wave before leaving the line up.


Racy:  A really fast, hollow section of a wave.


Scab:  A reef or rock.  Usually associated with reef or point breaks that are shallow.


Scraps:  The leftover part of a wave that someone has exited from.


Steasy:  To have a relaxed and easy style, especially when surfing heavy big waves.


Tropicana:  Commonly used to describe a surfer from South America or the Caribbean.  This person is a "soul surfer", he/she is not in it for the fame, money or popularity.


Trunkable:  When the ocean water temperature is warm enough to surf in trunks alone.


Wave Train:  A series of waves propagating together in the same direction as a group.  Also referred to as a set.


Widget:  A fake, lame or otherwise hideous turn on a crappy wave.

Sarah Webb
Sarah Webb

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