Slyde Stoke Ambassador Profile: Dylan Biggerstaff

by Sarah Webb May 19, 2014

Dylan Biggerstaff Slyde Handboards
Welcome Stoke Ambassador Dylan Biggerstaff to the Slyde Handboards family!  Dylan is a 13-year-old bodysurfer from Costa Mesa, California who started getting barreled when he was just six months old.  He attributes all of his bodysurfing prowess to his experience as a Huntington Beach Junior Lifeguard.  
"In my third year (11 years old) as a Huntington Beach Junior Lifeguard, my instructor, Matt Henry, mentored me in everything bodysurfing," Dylan said.  "I grew each day as he taught me new tricks and a better form that suited me best."  Dylan went from "bowing out" in the first round of his bodysurfing contest to, just three weeks later, getting fifth place in his age division at the World Bodysurfing Championships in Oceanside, California.  
"After every bodysurfing session, I remember this quote from Mark Cunningham: 'The best thing about bodysurfing is, it's always overhead,'" Dylan said.  We're pumped for Dylan to help us spread the Slyde stoke!
Sarah Webb
Sarah Webb

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