Slyde stoke Ambassador Profile: Jake Keville

by Sarah Webb June 13, 2014

Jake Keville Slyde Handboards Stoke Ambassador
Jake Keville is a 4th generation San Diegan and the newest Slyde Handboards Stoke Ambassador.  Jake began his passion for the beach at age 6, and lives in San Diego with his mother, sister and his dog, Sunny.  "I was blessed to go to Maui, Hawaii in 2013 and the Wedge in Newport Beach with my uncle in 2014," Jake said.  "I would love to be a surf photographer and bodysurf in Indonesia and Fiji."  He bodysurfs everything from reef to shore break and loves getting pitted with his GoPro on his handboard.  Along with bodysurfing, Jake plays bass guitar in a worship band, swims, surfs and plays basketball and beach volleyball.  Welcome to the team, Jake!
Sarah Webb
Sarah Webb

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