Diet Tips from Kelly Slater

by Sarah Webb June 18, 2014

Kelly Slater diet tips
11-time ASP World Champion Kelly Slater divulged some knowledge about eating to perform on the Inertia, and he makes a few excellent points:
1. Stay Simple: "Eating clean to me means not eating too many different types of foods all at once. I also try and eat a wide variety of the same nutrient," Slater writes. "For instance, if you are into eating protein, I don’t think you want to always eat the same protein. You want to vary the types of amino acids you are eating."
2. Experiment: "I’ve been eating chia for a number of years, but last year I was working out with a friend in Hawaii who said you can soak chia in coconut water overnight and eat it for breakfast," Slater writes. "He said it has all the essential fats (Omega 3) you need and the amino acids. So I started doing that, then added berries and some nuts. It has become a staple for me."
3. Fats Aren't All Bad: "People don’t realize the positive effects of healthy fats on your brain, digestion and joints. We have good fats too," Slater writes. "People talk about coconuts and avocados being fatty. Avocados, coconuts, and chia seeds are natural foods. They just grow on the earth as they are. They’re unprocessed and they’re some of the healthiest foods in the world for you."
Sarah Webb
Sarah Webb

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