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You probably know Angela Watts from Slyde's FBlives, Instagram Stories, and adventures with baby Venice. 

Angela RECENTLY HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO Chat with Women Lead Radio and shared a variety of never heard before insights on business.
  1. Angela double majored in physical education and health education in college, while working full-time with in a recreation program, which uncovered her love for business.
  2. When she moved to California she worked for 2 start-up companies, one that is now very successful, and the other which went out of business. "I learned first hand what to do and what not to do, they were both a great learning experience."
  3. Angela joined Slyde Handboards in 2012 taking over the business and financial components of the business.
  4. She put money her mom had set aside for her wedding and put it into the Slyde business.
  5. She believes preparation is key in business, having a pitch deck, and knowing your business financials is essential, especially when approaching investors. "If you don't know your numbers, you don't know your business."
  6. Angela helped Slyde apply to Shark Tank 3times before they got on the show.
  7. She personally watched almost every single episode of Shark Tank, and wrote down every questions that was ever asked on flashcards, just to be properly prepared. "Steve answered any quesitions about the brand and product, and I answered anything that had to do with the business or financials."
  8. They were in front of the Sharks for an hour, and when it was aired it was edited down to just 10minutes.
  9. She forgot they were still mic'd when they walked out of the Tank to discuss the sharks offers, and clearly displayed her excitement "I was so excited that Ashton Kutcher wanted to invest in us, I swore, and we heard the producers laughing."
  10. Slyde ended up giving 7% more of their business than if they had gone with Mr. Wonderful or Robert, but "7% for us is totally worth it to have both Ashton and Mark's expertise."
  11. Every Monday Angela puts together an email that goes to both Mark Cuban and Ashton and gives than an update on everything that Slyde is doing. "I give them an update on the sales weekly, so that update alone really keeps me on track financially, making sure we're hitting our targets and numbers for growth."
  12. The biggest lesson she's learned is "to do things for yourself, and not to pay other people to do it for you, especially if you don't have the money."
  13. Her vision for the future of Slyde Handboards "we want to see as many Slyde Handboards on the beach as there are boogie boards, if not more.  We won't stop until it's that big, because we know how fun handboarding is."

Check out more on Angela Watts HERE→

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