Slyde Ryder Rescues Snorkeler

by Sarah Webb September 01, 2014

Update: Daren's World Tour of Bodysurfing Makes Headlines

Slyde Ryder Daren Jenner was trying out the waves off the coast of Kauai when he spotted a snorkeler in distress. Daren lifeguarding skills kicked in, and with the help of his Slyde Handboard, he was able to safely bring the snorkeler to shore. Instead of catching footage of some sweet barrels, Daren captured the dramatic rescue on his GoPro, and the video was featured as a top story on Hawaii's KITV Channel 4. Way to go, Daren! It just goes to show that when you're out in the ocean and you see a Slyde Ryder, you can rest easy. You're in good hands!
Sarah Webb
Sarah Webb

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