Good Morning America Covers Daren Jenner's GoPro Rescue!

September 04, 2014 2 min read

Slyde Ryder Daren Jenner's dramatic rescue of a snorkeler at Poipu Reef in Kauai this past week has been turning a lot of heads, and he's starting to get some love from the big news networks with his GoPro video!

Daren was able to capture the rescue all on his GoPro attached to a mount on his camera, and none other than ABC's Good Morning Americainterviewed Daren for a GoPro play-by-play.

“You can just see the look on his face, that look of terror, that look that I think I’m … I think I’m dying,” Daren told Good Morning America. The 52-year-old snorkeler began to panic when he became exhausted out in the ocean, and Daren was the only other person around.

The GoPro follows Daren stroke for stroke as he does what every lifeguard is trained to do: head towards the calls for help, and guide the victim safely to shore. While many people may not think that something as relaxing as snorkeling could be dangerous, there is a very real threat whenever you head into the water.

“When you enter the ocean, you’re entering basically to the wild,” Daren said during his interview. “You’re in there, anything can happen, this is mother nature.”

While many are considering Daren a hero, he quickly refused the title during his interview with Good Morning America.

“I’m definitely not a hero,” he said. “The fulltime lifeguards, the rescue swimmers from the Coast Guard, those are heroes all right. I’m just a bodysurfer.”

If it weren't for his GoPro strapped to his trusty Slyde Handboard, we would never know how Daren bravely helped out someone in need. Way to step up Daren. You're a hero in all of our eyes!

Sarah Webb
Sarah Webb