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Groundbreaking Documentary Features Women Surfing In Iran

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The London Surf/Film Festival Kicks off on Thursday October 9th, 2014.

The annual festival is 4 epic days of celebrating never seen before surf features and shorties.

One feature film, “"Into The Sea” definitely has my curiosity sparked.

Here’s what I know about the film and why I believe its
Radical Revolutionary Goodness.

Do the words Adventure, Exploration, Uncharted Surf, Freedom, and Empowerment intrigue you? How about Surprises, Shifts in Perspective, and Positive Social Change?Well fasten your seatbelt, for the 1st time ever, Irish big-wave surfer Easkey Britton and French Filmmaker Marion Poizeau share their inspirational journey of bringing the stoke of surfing to the women of Iran.  

If the enthusiasm of a grom makes you smile. Imagine happiness of a woman in the Middle East, a country deeply rooted in tradition and prescribed codes of behavior, catching a wave for the first time. Or even the joy and awe of stepping foot into the ocean.

“It’s really about connection–seeing people who before might have seemed worlds apart come together in shared experience, connecting through a common bond for the sea and surfing. The boundaries are dissolving in water, and it’s such a new and special experience to be part of something at this beginning stage, with no blueprint for how it should be.” Said Easkey

 As waterwomen and men ourselves, there’s no denying the ocean has the ability to transform people. But, does surfing have ability to breakdown the social, cultural, and gender barriers of an entire country?

Let's watch and see!


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