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Early this month Honolulu City Council members, proposed renaming, Oahu’s iconic bodysurfing beach, Sandy’s Beach, after President Barack Obama.

The new mouthful of name, would be President Barack Obama Sandy Beach Park. In honor of America’s only Hawaiian born president and fellow bodysurfer aficionado. 

However, before Politian’s were able to “say that 5 times fast” …

Plans for President Barack Obama Sandy Beach Park were shredded.  When an outpouring of negative comments from bodysurfers and Hawaiian natives dropped in on the proposal.

A nonscientific survey by a Hawaiian TV station asking about the renaming idea drew more than 1,100 responses, more than 90% of them in opposition.

Criticisms ranged from, disrespect of the traditional Hawaiian language and culture of names, unhappiness with President Obama’s performance in office,  to the dangerous shorebreak’s increased popularity attracting unprepared tourist to it’s waters.

When we asked the question on Slyde's Facebook Page
“Should Sandy Beach be renamed after  Barack Obama ?”

We received similar feedback. 

Jean Lucchini "Names have strong Mana in Polynesia , that's totally disrespectful to act like that . Would he like that somebody come and change the name of his mother or his daughter ? Keep Hawai'i - Hawaiian !!!"

Chad Grossman  "No ,because it simply does not make sense from a tourism standpoint. Why tack on Obama's name to a beach that should only attract experienced watermen/women? Driving tourists to a safer waters closer with the abundance of commercialized services available is a better fit for attributing Obamas name to such as Koko Marina, Ala Moana, Magic Island, Kahala, etc. No problem with the proposal - just be smart about it."

The 44th President of the United States has a list of things named after him Including: Schools like “Barack Obama Global Preparation Academy” in LA and Streets like “President Barack Obama Parkway” of Orlando Florida.  However, Honolulu has yet to name any landmarks or monuments in his honor. 

For now Bodysurfers Have Spoken, and council members continue to seek the proper placement of the President Obama name.  2 top considerations are at rail stop at the federal building or part of a presidential library in Kakaako.

In the meantime
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