The Hawaiian Islands Are In A Global Food Fight

November 19, 2014 2 min read

The environmental and public rights of the Hawaiian Islands remains uncertain, as large-scale industrial/chemical farming continues to consume local resources.

 Cyrus Sutton, is a documentary filmmaker and founder of Korduroy.Tv.  His latest film “Island Earth,” intends to capture and spread the Aloha Spirit of Agriculture. A spirit, that puts the land back in the hands of the people, creating sustainable food systems.Instead of InDUSTrial Agriculture, which currently dominates global farming.  

As a writer, I’m always deeply curious of the root of words.

Here’s a little food for thought:  InDUSTrial Agriculture essentially destroys the innate patterns of soil. Once rich soil is now DUSTand dirt, too weak to produce lush plants and vegetation naturally.

Today “90% of the seeds we use to grow food in the world are essentially owned by 6 chemical companies.” That statement alone disturbs me to no end. It’s like asking a known serial killer, to give your kid a ride home from school. Nothing good can come out of that situation.

 I’ll admit, I’m not well educated on the topics of GMO’s and Monsanto; yet the trailer for this movie stirred enough, disbelief, frustration, and hope that I’m open to learning more. Currently this film is 80% shot and 60% edited, awaiting full funding on Kickstarter. As I'm writing this, the campaign has 487 supporters (including SLYDE) and is just shy of $790 of its goal of $32,000, with 4 days remaining.

“All profits from the film will go towards supporting education and to those families who’ve been directly affected by pesticide exposure.”

 Can one movie transform the agricultural landscape? Perhaps no, however sharing the stories and struggles of the Hawaiian people may. There’s nothing more powerful than being informed and inspired.

 “When we make the switch from consumers to producers, we no longer depend on the very systems we attack and we become true Revolutionaries. Food and Shelter will always conquer Bullets and Words.”




All profits from this film will go towards supporting education and to those families who've been directly affected by pesticide exposure.


Michelle Michalak
Michelle Michalak

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