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Riders choices : Cant decide? Find out what Daniel Carr wants under the Tree this year

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 daniel carr with hois slyde handboard bodysurfing handplane

Daniel Carr get serious about his Equipment (only for a second)

Daniel Carr the rider

Daniel Lives on the Central Coast of New South Wales. He Loves the water, whether it's surfing or water skiing/wake boarding. Daniel Represented Australia in water polo as a junior u20's (a few years ago now) and travelled throughout US and Europe with the sport.

Wetsuit -  Ripcurl Dawn Patrol 3:2 for winter  (Note: I recently purchased a new suit from HBC sports very fast shipping and awesome prices!)
Fins - Dafin green mambas 
Board - Wedge Model  a cruiser for all conditions (the any-day board)
Accessories - Am loving my FCS towel poncho for those beach and wettie changes where no one wants to see my junk. Lol 

Daniel Carr's thoughts on the Slyde Quiver

The wedge handboard

The wedge shaped cobra is awesome for all conditions, this board isn’t set to just shore breaks the surface area allows you to catch waves out the back with the rest of board riders, nothing better than watching the bewildered faces when your calling a surfer off the wave and they are not quite sure how you managed to get the wave. When your on those waves you can put enough pressure on the board to minimize drag and really get moving, bodysurfing is no longer limited to a five second slide. Slyde Handboards and my favorite the Cobra take it to the next level. ( Note: The cobra is the wedge shape and now consists of the, Envy , Wiseguy, Karma  Hipster  and the G6 karbon Fiber handboards


The Hexflex handboard

Hexflex - the size and weight of my Candy Apple allows you to do the rolls and maneuvers that are a bit more difficult with the large handboards, what is lacks it surface area (yes, swapping from the wedge style can take some getting used to and tend to nose dive the first few until you hit your groove) it makes up for in tonnes with agility. I’ve had a few good waves on it and its a valuable edition to the quiver.


Daniel Carr shredding on the Australian East coast 


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