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ShopTalk: South Flordia SUP, SaltFlys & Karma

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Slyde recently connected with Ryan Pena the owner of The Salt Fly Surf Shop at Surf Expo Florida.  He gave us the down low on why you're most likely a #SaltFly, his favorite South Florida break, and Kelly Slater crushes.

How'd you come up with the name The Salt Fly?  

I was thinking of a catchy memorable name or phrase, like a “Bar fly” I thought of a “Salt Fly” as someone who is always hanging around the beach/ocean

What made you want to open a surf shop? How long has The Salt Fly been in business? 

I was working for a stand up paddleboard manufacturer just as the sport exploded. During that time, I was able to gather insights into the business part of the industry. My love for the sport prompted me to go into business for myself within this new emerging sport/ market. Besides, who doesn't like a surf shop? We've have had the shop for around 3 years now. 

Best Shop moment so far? 

Our shop demo day and BBQ we did last year with Naish Surfing, we had an incredible turnout and support from our loyal customers. Didn’t think we had that many! Thank you!

How would you describe the culture and vibe in Delray Beach?

DB has a rich surfing history, partly because it has one the best and most consistent beach breaks in all of South Florida.  Many local beach bars and businesses embrace the beach/ ocean lifestyle.  Also the beautiful year round tropical weather, and warm Caribbean waters that flow up from the gulfstream, mean the ocean water temperature rarely dips under 74 degrees. The unique location of Palm Beach County’s geography, means the gulf stream comes incredibly close to shore along our beaches, making the water crystal clear and bath like.   

Where's your favorite local break?  And why?

"North 2” area of Delray’s public beach. It’s never crowded, and when there’s a good swell, it makes for super fun time over a sandy bottom.  It also has an area of the beach locals love to gather. Although it doesn’t break as well as the more popular “south end” I'll give up size and quality for empty waves shared by only a few close friends.  

Is everyone in Florida a Kelly Slater Fan?

I think so yes haha, Kelly has done a lot for helping push other local up and coming FL surfers.  His legacy is great here, especially up in Cocoa another great surf town in Central Florida. It says something when Kelly still comes “home” every year and visits his local break, Sebastian Inlet. He always makes time to reconnect with his Florida roots and family. 

What Slyde Handboard is the shops favorite WaveCandy?HexFlex, Hipster, Envy, or Karma?

The Karma, the graphics are incredible, and so is the shape. People seem to gravitate to that one first! So sick!

Thanks Ryan for spreading the stoke! 

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