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Art Music & The Moon: An Interview with Slyde Artist Filippo Fiumani

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Slyde recently caught up with Italian designer Filippo Fiumani, best known for his eye catching, heading scratching, boundary pushing artwork. 

Does Surfing Inspire your Artwork? Or Does Your Artwork Inspire Your Surfing?

Surfing is a great tool to feel alive. One of my goals when I'm drawing is find an interesting matchup of colours to make the artwork feel alive, so i guess surfing inspires my work.

What Type of Music Do You Listen to When Creating?
I love music,  it`s really hard to draw without it!

I am really linked to skateboard culture, which got me involved with punk rock music. My passion for surfing also introduced me to lots of new sounds, mixing up my punk rock background with some psychedelic music. Right now i am really into bands like The Cramps, The Growlers, Ty Segall, Misfits, Tijuana Panthers, but i also like to listen to hip hop, reggae and electronic music.

Who's Your Artist Crush?
There are many artists that I like, Arcimboldoand Shepard Fairy are a few examples.

But I don't think I really have a crush on one.

What's Your Favorite Project or Piece of Art You've Done?
I'd have to say the "LeMani" Project. In Italian, LeMani means "Hands."

"LeMani" was developed in 2013 and is an innovative research project, that focuses on a new form of visual art, The Electric Pen.

Slyde Handplane Artist

Thru various experiments, explorations, and research with prototypes, surface areas, and people I developed this new product. LeMani has a wide range of possible applications, including allowing the blind to draw and "see" their designs by creating images embossed on paper. LeMani is always in a continuous phase of growth and development, and a project I'm most enthused about..

What Inspired the Graphic behind the Slyde Karma Handboard?

There are many influences and symbolisms behind the design. I think that the main inspiration come from a shiva iconic image that i have on my studio, and from psychedelic and punk rock music.

What's your Biggest Challenge as an Artist?
To find the perfect match between massive and unique drawing aesthetics.

As well as creating useful and clever concepts to make the world a better place.

Where is the Ultimate Place You'd Love to See Your Artwork Up?

The Moon

Want to help Filippo take his art to the moon and back?
Take a Ryde on his Art Inspired Slyde Karma Handboard

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