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It's clear the Groms of today are laying down the foundation for the future of bodysurfing. We've discovered incredible talent and contagious stoke from coast to coast.

Here we'll share their epic stories and unique perspective with you.  

Setting it off is 15 year old San Diego native Jake Keville.

1. What's does being a grom mean to you? Being a grom to me is the best job in the world, goals are set low and you shatter them constantly!!! But really you get to hang out with your friends, not go to work, get driven to contest, and the best part YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY FOR GAS MONEY!!! Groms life is full of excitement and joy!!!

2.  You're a 4th generation San Diegan. What makes San Diego the perfect place to call home? Being a fourth generation San-Diegan is a tough job. I have to live 10min away from the best shorebreaks in San Diego and world famous reef breaks. The weather is perfect and the people are super chill. We're 20 min from epic waves in Mexico, and 1 hour away from the infamousNewport Wedge. Plus after a sick bodysurf session the Mexican food can't be beat.

3. Where's your favorite bodysurfing break? Bodysurfing in San Diego is full of many different options. Marine Streetis one of my favorite breaks because it slams you like theres no tomorrow. It breaks right onto the sand and every wave is a barrel. Marine street is the place to be! A close second is a secret spot on Coronado. This spot looks like the bay until a strong SW swell hits it. The break has two main breaks a left and a right. The break is awesome to ride and you can make it out of some barrels on a good day. Both sections lead up to a close out that shakes the sand on the beach.

4. You've been a Slyde supporter since the very beginning. (thank you!) What makes you so stoked on Slyde? I am so stoked on Slyde because it is the best handboard around. They have more models and shapes than any other company. The boards are well made and allow you to have the best bodysurfing experience. The arsenal of boards allow you to pick the right board for the right conditions.
I'm also Into the brand because they also do beach cleanups and ryde days to keep our waves clean and get people stoked.  Best part, Slyde has not only allowed me to win contests, but to make lifelong friends.

5.  If you could only use 1 social media platform for the next 6 months what would you choose?Instagram is the way to go, although my grandma even has a Facebook. Instagram's platform is easy to use and super fun. Follow me @jake_keville

6. What other hobbies do you have?  Some of my hobbies other than bodysurfing, include I love surfing big shorebreak, photography, and skating. I have two cameras and am saving for a water housing.

7. What 3 celebrities would you most like to Slyde with? 
If I could Slyde with any celebrities the first would definitely be Mark Cunningham. This guy is insane and a legend in my eyes. The second would be Jamie O'Brien. Jamie is a great, funny, and crazy shredder. Any sesh with this guy would be "SICK!!!"  Third would probably have to be any Dahuimember in Hawaii. I would love to learn more about them and shred some sick waves with them!
Also Taylor Chareven though he isn't a celebrity.


Bodysurfing Grom San Diego

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