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How To Avoid Being Bodysurfing Shark Bait

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Slyde Handboards Shark

We're all afraid of sharks. Even those of you who claim to not be, let’s be real- you
think about them when you're out in the water alone.

Even though it’s extremely unlikely that you will come across a shark while surfing, it doesn't hurt to know where the most sharks hang out so you can be as safe as possible.

If you're really scared of sharks I wouldn't suggest surfing in parts of Australia or
South Africa. The most fatal attacks happen there. There’s even a story of two Great Whites that tried to attack a surfer mid-wave at the same time.

Ironically, the only reason the guy wasn't killed was because the two sharks fumbled. I didn't say they were smart.

Florida surprisingly has the highest number of attacks of any beach around the
world but not nearly the highest fatality count. So if you’re ok with getting nipped by a smaller shark then you probably have nothing at all to fear in those waters.

Brazil and Mexico has a solid amount of fatalities, which is a surprise to me.

While Kauai, Hawai’i has zero fatalities- another huge surprise to me. I know that of the Hawaiian Islands, Maui has the most fatalities. Partially because I grew up there and my neighbor was even killed outside our house when I was younger… but don’t let that information steer you away from surfing in Maui! It’s the best of the islands if you ask me.

Why do you think all the sharks want to live there?

There are places like Cuba that have a relatively high fatality count of 7 but haven’t
had an attack in over 20 years though. So does that mean the sharks moved or are
they stewing underneath planning a long con? Like taking down a cruise ship maybe?

According to records, the UK has almost no attacks but I'm thinking that’s more
about there not being many surfers because it’s so cold than about the amount of
sharks in the water. So that’s something to keep in mind. Boatloads of people are
surfing in Hawaii and South Africa everyday so there are bound to be more attacks

Like I said, being informed is important whether you’re afraid or not. Sharks are out
there and human production is changing the ecosystem of the ocean and not only
moving them, but also angering them.

So be cautious while surfing my friends- even in the shore break!

Nohelani Roche
Nohelani Roche

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