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Best Swimsuit Brands for Female Bodysurfers

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Slyde Handboards Female Bodysurfers

Ladies, I know you struggle with finding a swimsuit that won't fly off while bodysurfing. So how about this summer you buy a suit specifically engineered for fitting 

snug to your active surfing body?

There are plenty of brands out there you can trust- definitely more than I'm about to
list but here is a good starting point to find a suit that will be good to you all season.

BODY GLOVE- The name is a dead giveaway. Swimsuits by Body Glove are a perfect
fit for most bodies and fit like a glove. They sell everything from sporty to fashion
suits. If you are in a cold area and need a wetsuit, Body Glove delivers exceptional
quality in that department as well.

SWELL has some of the most unique women's surf wear. Their rash guard surf suit
is the coolest and they come in insanely cute styles and patterns. All of their suits
are fairly unique and of a higher caliber than a lot of mainstream brands.

I like ODINA because not only do they have adorable suits, but also because they
make a conscience effort to use recycled materials in their products. Their style is
very ‘island girl’ by including floral prints, soft pretty colors and designs perfect for
any watersport.

ROXY is always a classic. The reason this brand is worth mentioning is because they
are much easier to find than the other listed ones and they’re still a solid brand with
suits great for water sports. Something unique Roxy has to offer is their
performance board shorts for women. Check them out; for real they make a huge
difference on the board.

For those of you doing more extreme water activities, CALAVERA is ideal. Their
women’s swimwear is designed and used for triathlon athletes. If triathlon athletes
can rely on these suits, it’s a safe bet you’re in good hands.

Well there you have it, my 5 recommendations for this summer 2015. So don't be
one of those surfers losing their suits to the sea and find something better this year!

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