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Thanks to the Chubascos Bodysurfing Association, Surf City USA aka Huntington Beach California is a bodysurfing and handboarding contest destination in August for the 12th consecutive year.

The weekend of August 10th & 11th will be an epic onslaught of watermen, woman and groms from around the globe all competing and spreading the stoke.  Last year brought together 195 bodysurfers and 51 handboarders, plus live scoring with Stactapp. Plus the event is a qualifier in the California Bodysurfing Tour.

The Chubascos Bodysurfing  organization started in 1983 with various members associated with the  Cerritos Aquatic Club. Over the years it has been home to over 500 members and  over 200 competitors (and growing). The Chubascos bodysurfing club is comprised  today of all walks of life- from water polo players and lifeguards, to friends and  coaches in Southern California. Anyone with an interest and love of the ocean are invited to join in the fun!

SLYDE TEAM ROSTER for Chubascos this year includes:
Sean Enoka
Kealiʻi Punley
Conrad Morgan
Joe Nickerson
Makena Kanoelani Magro  
Sunny Chamblee Rickard
Caden Cunningham
Wes Biggerstaff
Matthew Abdo
Brandon Cordova
Michal Biggerstaff
John Barret
Kevin Welsh
Slyde HQ team will be talent scouting the event for our 2019 Grom Search!

Whether you're a seasoned competitor or a pedestrian that happened upon this 
post, check out the Chubascos and join in on this rad free 2-day summer event!

Sign up for Chubascos HERE→

Chubascos Bodysurf & Handboard Competition 2019

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