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Exclusive Interview with Groundswell Supply: The Curated Surf Store

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Slyde Handboards is stoked to announce our premier partnership with Groundswell Supply.

We recently caught up with the founder Trevor Berge to answer 6 burning Questions: 

1. What Inspired You To Start Groundswell Supply?

In about 1985 I started surfing and fell in love instantly with the oceanI continued getting more involved over the years and developed a greater passion for all things connected to the ocean. 

In my early years as a grom surfing became an outlet from a lot of negativity going on around me and so it had a very important part of my youth. It really became a sanctuary for me in many ways. In about 1992 I started a small auto parts business in college and had no business experience but jumped into the deep end. After a lot of years of slow progress we eventually developed into an established business which had many customers worldwide. 

The business did so well that another company decided to approach us to buy the business.  After working crazy hours for 18 years, we decided to sell to allow me some quality time to focus on my family as we have three young kids.  During my time off, I was praying about what I would do next and began to develop this vision for Groundswell Supply

The idea began with combining the passion for the ocean and surfing with all of the business experience I have acquired since 1992. The desire was to work with quality people that are making a difference in what they do, those that create amazing products and those that are influential and using it for good. We are stoked with the partners we have been developing as we are working with some of the best craftsman and quality leaders in the industry. That is one of the reasons we work with Slydeas we see them as the premier handboard manufacturer worldwide. Not to mention that Steve and Ange are just rad people!

2. What makes your online store unique?

We call it a "Curated Surf Store".  What this means is that every product is carefully selected and tested.  We pick what our team feels is the best out of many options. We focus on quality, design, value and brand message.  There may be ten different options for a given category of product but we will most likely have one or two and which we believe are the best in class. 

People can be assured of premium quality product that works.  We believe in a buy better and buy less approach.  We also offer a really diverse group of products for the surfer…everything from the handboards, paipos on up to longboards, fun boards, hi performance shapes and all the related products plus we are planning to add a lot of new products.  We also are writing a lot of our own unique content focused on the surf lifestyle as well as doing video and editing to describe and tell the story behind the products. 

We are developing a community in addition to the storethrough our Journal and social media.  We have just started doing Free Shipping in the Continental US and Free Wax with any order and have a 90 day return policy. 

We try to treat the customer as if they were in our own family and want to be sure there experience is as good as possible.  We really love to build relationships with customers that will last.

3. You're going on a trip and all you can only pack are 3 items from your shop, what do you pick? and why?

This is a tough one! So many good options. One of our all around fun shapes like the "Rocket Fish" surfboard by Bill Johnson. A custom made Groundswell wetsuit for the weather at hand and would definitely want a Slyde Handboard for quick and easy surf sessions!

4. Where's your favorite local surf break? Non-local?

My favorite break is called DMJ's which is on the Marine base in Oceanside, CA. Surfed there this morning:) This break is really hollow top to bottom surf and is really fast. One of the best breaks in San Diego for sure. My favorite break anywhere is Honolua Bay in Maui. Don't know if waves can get any more perfect than that. I am a regular footer so love the right point action and super clear water.

5. Where do you seen the future of handboards & handplanes going?

I see the handboard market just continuing to grow. A lot of surfers still don't know what they are missing so that is a big new group to adopt once they try it. The average person who will never surf can get into handboarding at a much lower cost and it's way easier. I think handboarding will take over the world (lol)

6. What 5 people would you pick to be on your party wave?

My wife (she just needs to learn to surf first:) Laird Hamilton for his headstands, that guy is so funny and amazing. Rob Machado for his fluid style. Damien and CJ Hobgood for the aerials and off the top game.

 Catch Trevor and Demo some of the sick boards he sells at this Saturday 18th July @ the San Elijo Fest


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