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This month's best video's come courtesy of 3 different riders all for their own very unique style and all of them take the sport of Handboarding to a completely new level, doing stuff that I don't think has been performed yet.

Daniel Carr gets spit right out

First off, we have Daniel Carr @captain_kookman if you follow him on Instagram, over in Australia shredding some East Coast gems. Daniel has been a Slyde Rider for over a year and has been an unbelievable addition to the Slyde Family. He is one of the guys that has been going from strength to strength and really lifting the profile of the sport with an unwavering dedication to getting out there on a daily basis and showing us all how it's done. Pure stoke!

getting spit out

Daniel Carr gets an epic wave on the East Coast of Aus. You have to see this Daniel gets pitted and spit out

Handboarding on a frozen River

The next in our list of 3 best video's this month we take a look at Carlos over in Canada. This guy is my hero there is no way I could even come close to matching this guys stoke! I don't know that many people who would surf a gnarly river wave and definitely not in the depths of a freezing Canadian with icebergs floating past you. this takes a whole new level of dedication and has taken where and when you can handboard to an absolutely new level, Pioneering the sport to all corners of the world.

Don't let an iceberg stop you getting in the water

Carlos is my hero! a 6mm wet-suit head to toe and Handboarding some of the coldest running water in the world over

wondered what its like to wakesurf a Handboard

I'm not going to go on too much about this hairless fool because that chrome dome is yours truly getting pulled behind a boat trying to emulate a massive fishing lure. I have wanted to do this for as long as I've been making Handboards. Finding a boat and more importantly, someone to drive it has always been an Achilles heel in that endeavor.

However, it was just recently that SIMA (surf industry manufacturers assoc) organized a great event at the Carlsbad lagoon for all their member where the opportunity to jump in and see if what I thought would happen.... would happen, and I was right! This is as much fun as it looks and if you get the chance, I would highly recommend doing it.

how to Wake surf a handboard

Ever wondered if you can Handboard behind a boat? I did and here are the results, It was a lot of fun and if you get the chance to grab a rope and pull in


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