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10 Standout Moments From The Chubascos Bodysurfing & Handboard Championships HB

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First hats off to The Chubascos Bodysurfing Associationfor throwing the best FREE event we’ve ever attended. So much thought, dedication, and hardwork was put into every detail of the event in order to make it truly epic. Thank You!
  1.  A solid stretch of beach in Surf City USA was dedicated exclusively to bodysurfers and handboarders for 2 whole days!  If you wanted to get wet on the South Side of the Huntington Beach Pier, hope you were a Chubascos competitor otherwise… You’re Outta There!  

  2. A total of 250 contestants entered The Chubascos contest, 90 of which were kids under 20 years old.

  3. Slyde Handboards had an incredible crew of 8 riders/ ambassadors representing in the contest, along with a handful of handboarders competing on Slyde handboards. We were extremely proud of the Slyde Crew Killing it it in a variety of heats.

    Bodysurfing Boys 13-15:
    Augie Cunningham placed 3rd
    Chris Glevy & Joe Nickerson placed in the finals
    Handplane Division 19 and Under:
    Joe Nickerson, Chris Glevy, and Dylan Biggerstaff placed in Finals.      
  4.  The Del Mar Bodysurfing Clubwelcomed it’s first exchange student to the contest, Australian bodysurfer Tom Marr, 18 who won first place in Bodysurfing TEENS (16-19) & Handplaners 19 and under.

  5. Angela Ferendo SLYDE in house team aka “Chief Ryde Officer” entered her first handboarding contest ever, and is frothing for more.

  6. Slyde Team Ryder Jake Kevillerocked an awesome & vibrant Aloha speedo.  Walking away with best dressed "award."

  7.  A grom entered the handplane contest on a piece of plywood topped with a pizza box and scored some decent rides.

  8.  Slyde Ambassador &member of the Wolf PackSunny Chambler-Richardshot thru the Pier during her 1st bodysurfing heat, and eventually landed 1st place in Bodysurfing Women 20 & Over.

  9. Slyde Team Ryders Dylan Biggerstaff & Augie Cunningham brought home the fun securing 1st place in the entertaining Tandem Bodysurf heat. 

  10. More fun was had at this 2 day event in HB than all 9 days of the US Open of Surfing combined.

Looking to get in on the Bodysurfing Contest action?!  Check out the URT Womp Sunday Aug 16th in Coronado, CA! #SpreadTheStoke

Images from the fun day

Sunny won the Woman's Bodysurfing section

Early Morning wake up: festivities started at 6am Coffee was a must

 Joe leaving the water from his Handboarding heat


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