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Mermaid Angela Ferendo Enters Her 1st Handboarding Competition

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angela fernedo chief ryse officer and slyde handboard rider

Angela Ferendo, Slyde's Chief Ryde Officer is no stranger to the water.  

If you've been to any of our Slyde Summer Tour events, she's typically the first in the water and the last out.  She's a mermaid in the making, but until the Chubascos event in Huntington Beach, has never entered a handboarding or bodysurfing competition.

Curious about her experience we caught up with her pre and post competition to answer some burning questions.

Pre 1st Handboarding Competition

  1.  What Slyde Handboard are you riding in the competition and why?  
    I will ride the Black carbon fiber Wedge.  The extra surface area and buoyancy on the wedge shape board helps me catch just about any wave coming my way.  It is also such a fast ride I can get in and out of barrels!  I love the sleek black carbon look - it makes me feel bad ass :)

  2. What's scarier? Entering your first handplaning competition? Or getting married?
     hahahaha good question, but definitely my first handboarding competition takes the cake.  Other than running road races (and everyone gets a medal), I haven't competed in anything since college, so I'm extra nervous.  Plus, I have only been handboarding for 2 summers now and there will be men and women in the competition, that are amazing water-men and water-women.  They are hard to compete with.  As for getting married, that is the easiest decision of my life.  When you know, you know I guess.  

  3.  Who's your Greatest female athlete Inspiration?  
    I would love to give you some big celebrity athlete name but it's my mom, who actually never played sports herself.  But for some reason she always pushed me to.  She would always tell me from when I was young that if I wasn't active and playing a sports, she could tell I wasn't happy.  She always supported me in all my sporting events, marathons, and now handboarding!

  4. What's your pump up song for the competition?  
    Taylor Swift, Bad Blood - I thought it was pretty fitting :)

  5. Where do you see women and the future of handboarding going?
    Handboarding has been around for hundreds of years, but the sport is just beginning for both men and women.  Just last year the Chubascos competition was a single day event, ending by 2pm.  This year there were so many competitors they had to make it a full two day event, ending at 5pm both days.  The sport is so much fun there is no way that it doesn't catch on like wild-fire!  

Post 1st Handboarding Competition

  1.  How did if feel to be competing? Would you do it again?  
    It felt exhilarating!  I was so nervous at first, but once I got in the water I was in the zone.  It pushed me to take waves that are bigger than I normally would go for.  It may not have been pretty, but it certainly was fun.  I would definitely do it again.  I just signed up for URT handboard competition.

  2. .What's one tip you'd give to someone considering entering a handboard competition for the first time?  
    Just go out there and have fun.  Win or lose, you are going to enjoy yourself.

  3. What were 3 of your favorite moments from Chub event? 
    3. Being out in the water during my heat and having fun grabbing as many waves as I could.  
    2. Watching the tandem competition.  Everyone was working with their partner and just having fun.  
    1.  Just hanging out with the Slyde family and watching the team in their heats. We had lots of good talks, laughs, and all supported each other in their heats.  It doesn't get any better than that.

Ange getting some Venice froth

Ange chilling in the cali sun on a handboarding session



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