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Introducing the OC - CREW: Orange County's infamous Bodysurf crew

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orange county bodysurfing crew

The OC crewis a dedicated group of handboarders and bodysurfers originating from the depths of the notorious badlands of Orange County and San Diego.  It is made up of a core group and founding members: Dylan (Beast) Biggerstaff, Michal (Big Bro) Biggerstaff, Augie (Would Go) Cunningham, Joe (the Champ) Nickerson, Chapin (All -In) Page, Jake (The Joker) Keville, and Trevor (Bob and Weave) Sebring. We decided to follow them with Camera's while we make their spell binding documentary. This is their story and an intro to the life of the hardened, career dedicated bodysurfer.

The Doco begins

They are a group of competition hardened wave riders, notorious for their thirst of popping shore-break and take all, leave no wave un-ridden attitude. According to The World Bodysurfing Championship Winner, spokesperson and general marshal for the group, Nickerson says their days are consumed with finding the next gnarly adventure of steep shories and  late takeoffs at any one of their secret breaks. (At this point the cameras audio equipment was ordered off due to the apparent secrecy of the aforementioned secret break) All we are able to reveal is that their favorite breaks are near their houses here in the OC.

Strict Bodysurfing training program- WONSONG-CHILL

Training for these conditions requires you to be in top physical shape and the crew takes this very seriously.  They keep to a strict diet of devouring copious amounts of Cheetos and throwing back cans of pop. Vegetables and fruit are a no-no. Just as Augie, he has no idea why he ate the Orange or where he even got it from. Their fitness program has its origins in the ancient Chinese practice of Wonsong-chill. One part Wonsong and two part Chilling..... a lot. Their methods have found enormous underground popularity, probably  why you haven't heard of it and their moral code of leave no man behind has been adopted by the Hollywood elite that include but is not limited to Chuck Norris,other classic 80’s martial art movie actors that haven't worked in two decades ohh and that girl from those insurance ads, Flo I think her name is?.

Infamous and secretive like the CIA

There is very little else written or talked about with this infamously secretive crew. Probably because nobody asked, but that's beside the point and I digress. interviews are a bit like trying to pull the truth out a high level CIA official  and are limited to shading parking lots at dawn and mild grunts of approval and disapproval (or approval I'm never quite sure) of conditions.  The only obvious indication of their water bound antics is strong eyesight and a penchant for spotting a bobbing head.  They are quick like a tiger , I can only assume this is due to the influence of eating copious bags of Cheetos prior to sessions but stick around and you will see some crazy stuff.   

Follow us as we document this crew of misfits as they hurl them selves head first into waves of oblivion.
and follow their antics on instagram @oc_crew

A rare chance that the entire crew was photographed together at the Chubascos Body surfing Tournament

Inflatable fun!!!

Urt Contest 


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