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Trash Talking With Slyde Handboards Artist Ronald Monahan

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Ronald Monahan

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Caracas Venezuela. Due to political problems and a search for a better life, I moved to Florida when I was 18 years old. Also, the education for arts was more recognized here than in my country, especially in computer animation and motion graphics.

What medium/process do you like to work in?

Well, I work everyday as an art director, doing motion graphics for concerts on my computer. But, I never miss a chance to go back to the traditional way of doing art. My passion has always been using pen and pencil, very basic but really powerful, thats where all my ideas come from. Most of the time I take my sketches and put them in the computer to see how it's going to look in the final product. I usually like to work with wood and acrylics for my painting.

What's Your Favorite Project or Piece of Art You've Done?

Well that's hard to say because I work on so many projects at work, but it always more satisfying when you work on a personal i need to go with the last painting I did for my last gallery show.

Who's Your Artist Crush aka inspiration?

Salvador Dali & Banksy

What Inspired the art behind the Slyde Trash Talk Handboard?

I will always been surprise how society works. We usually support bad behaviors, especially on TV, Movies and Music. And that is what pretty much kids are following these days. This design is a reminder of it. It is a trophy made of a trash can. Inside of it are all the things that we consider bad for us, but at the same time we continue supporting them.

What Type of Music Do You Listen to When Creating?

It all depends how I feel that day, but Usually is Reggae

What's your Biggest Challenge as an Artist?

Always thinking of new ways to express my ideas and to be original.

Where is the Ultimate Place You'd Love to See Your Artwork Up?

On Mars!

Ronald at home in his studio

ronald monahan


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