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Q &A: Waverider and GoodVibe Ambassador Duppy Konkarar

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Q &A Waverider and GoodVibe Ambassador Duppy Konkarar


How do you pronounce your name? What it's origin?

Birth name...Armando, grew up as Mondo. My IG/FB name, Duppy Konkarar, is a spin on my Favorite Bob Marley song. It has a personal relevance. "Duppy" is the name given to an Evil Spirit in Caribbean culture.

A DuppyConquerer is one who Fights Bad Vibes. One who shares Good Vibes and Positivity. I try to live by that view and so I found myself attracted to the name. I changed the word Conquerer to Konkarar for fun...and to make it my own.

What is your first memory of the beach?

My earliest memory of the Beach was actually in San Diego. It was the early 90's, I was visiting San Diego on a school trip from Phoenix. After pulling into San Diego, the teachers asked all of us, "Who's never been to the ocean?"

A few of us raised our hands...and to the beach, we went. I remember that evening well, as we parked the sun was setting and we couldn't get off the bus fast enough! We had 10 minutes!  Many of us ran to the water...shoes and socks everywhere. 

Where are you from /born?

I was born in Winslow, Arizona, but grew up in the West Valley of Phoenix, Arizona until my early 20's. I then spent 12 years in Beautiful Portland, Oregon. I now live in Pacific Beach, San Diego. 

How did you get into Bodysurfing and handboarding?

After moving to San Diego, I couldn't wait to get in the water! I bought surfboards of all makes and models! I was hustling Craigslist every chance I had! I loved Traditional Board Surfing, but my OCD (Seriously) naturally had me looking for more, something with more excitement!

I was researching every form of wave riding I could find, then I found BodySurfing. I had always known about BS, but never understood the slow white water ride? Then I found more and more information about Real BodySurfing at places like The Wedge, Boomer Beach, Brazil and so on. Shortly after, I started finding Handplanes and discovered the Outside Wave Riders.

People dropping in on 3'-6' (and bigger...Wedge Bigger) days from the outside?!? I was Stoked! My wife then surprised me with custom Christmas present from Dutch (@realdutchsurfboards) Handboard, with my name burned into the board and Rasta strap, and a pair of Churchill Makapuu fins. Christmas morning we headed to the beach...I was hooked, I was horrible at it, but I was hooked

Where's your Favorite local and non-local break to surf?

Good question, I love sharing the spots. I'm not into the "Secret Spot" mentality. We should welcome everyone to experience the places that make us Happy! Anyhow, My favorite spot is Scripps Pier...Big or Small it's a Great spot.

The water is usually pretty clear there too, I love being able to open my eyes underwater while I'm swimming. Lots of Great Sea Life there too. I've experienced Dolphins, Seals, Sea Lion, Fish of all sorts and even Orca. Yes, Orca...about 40 yards out. It was intense! 

Non-local, definitely San Clemente State Park. I wish that spot was down the street from me! Even if it's a "Pay to Play" spot, it's my favorite of all. 

You're going on a "Surf" Trip you can pack 3 boards what do pick? and why?

First, my 40+ year old Vintage Voit Duck Feet. Then I'd grab my Slyde G6 Carbon. An amazing Any Wave/Any Day Handboard. Comfortable and super lightweight. The size is perfect for my "Chassis". The Rocker, Width and Length plane my 6'2" & 250lbs frame up and over the face and down the line very well. It looks Awesome too! I love this board, I can't wait to get some Big Days with it this Fall and Winter! 

Second board

That would have to be my Hawaiian Paipo Design XL. Stupid Fast, lightweight, Stupid Fast, and Fun! Stupid Fast! It's an Experienced Rider board. I've dropped in on some of the largest waves I've ever ridden with this board. It's rock hard and has zero flex, so it just skims across the water like a rocket! Carves and Spins with ease, or pulls hard across the face requiring plenty of attention to weight placement, or you're done.

Last board would be my Trusty Poplar Wood Dutch Paipo. It's heavy, leash less, and rides everything! On 1'-2' days, on the inside, you just catch one after another. It's humbling to learn on at first, but once you learn when and where to "get in", You're In! 

How does the Slyde Black Carbon Fiber make you feel?

Like a Wave Riding Beast! Hahaha...Seriously! I love how easily the Carbon drops in. The dimensions are exactly what I need to push down and pull my chest up out of the wave for more speed and distance. I've used several sets of fins with my Carbon too (Viper V7, Churchill Makapuu, DaFin Pro Model, and Vintage Duck Feet)...and the board worked great no matter what I was kicking with. In my opinion, the board loves bigger and faster waves. I can't wait for this winters swells! 

What 5 people would you pick to be on your party wave?

Hmmmmm...only 5? Ha! Well then @chops_cousteau, @captain_kookman, @bassknuckles, @uncle_stein and @locknessdolan. All sorts of different backgrounds, ages, styles and experiences. There are so many more amazing friends in the Wave Riding community I'd Love to share a session with!

BodySurfing is an Amazing Culture full of Free Spirit and Openminded riders. Part Misfits, Part Crazy and 100% Ocean Lover. We don't do it because we look cool getting tossed around in the Rinse Cycle. There are no millions of dollars to be made.

We are a group of people who simply found that removing the traditional surf board from the equation created a Euphoric experience that is often too hard to explain to other Wave Riders, or Land Lovers! A Simple Stoke that we have come to enjoy and Love.

Where do you see the industry heading?

I think the Love for BodySurfing and Handboardingwill continue on just as it has for many years. I don't think we will ever see it become professionalized, and I kind of like that. I look forward to New designs and material usage. I look forward to larger events to share the Stoke!
I'm curious how Tow-in BodySurfing will turn out? I'm stoked to see how that works! I'd Love to see more spots like Sandy's or Point Panic here in Southern California, that's a dream of mine. I'd love to see more acceptance from the Trad board riders as well.

Honestly, I don't care what anyone rides or doesn't ride. I think we all deserve to be in the water...we should be welcoming to everyone about the experience.

You recently unleashed your alter ego El WoMpO. Can you tell us a little about him? How did this alter ego evolve?

Where did EL WoMpO came from... I've always been a Luchador fan. I grew watching American wrestling, and then I eventually found Lucha. I love the costumes, the names, and the theatricalness behind it. Men that literally become an entirely different person when wearing the mask. Then while grabbing my gear for a session, I found my old Luchador mask...and threw it in my bag. I knew there was something there!

Who is EL WoMpO... EW is the Mouthy, Crazy, Energetic, sometimes intimidating Womper from La Playa del Pacifico, also known as "EL Stokizo" (Stō-Key-So). He is a Warrior and Hero to the Ocean, in this small beach village. Like all Luchador, No one knows his true identity. EW has been known to call out wave riders in the Line up for being inconsiderate and rude. EW does not do well with those that do not appreciate the fact that the Stoke is for everyone to enjoy, therefore he rallies for the underdog.

Whether he is riding his Slyde Carbon handboard, Gigantic Bodyboard or Paipos...he is simply out to Share the Stoke. EL WoMpO is all about the Stoke! In fact, one day (true story) while in the lineup, a couple of wave riders saw EW and asked, "What's that for?", EL WoMpO responded, "What is What for?" (Gruff Bandito voice). The wave riders pointed at their face, and that is when EL WoMpO said, "For your entertainment!". Seriously though, it's another reminder to go out there and have Fun! Don't take it so seriously!

The Ocean doesn't care how Great or Skilled you are when riding whatever it is you choose to ride, and neither does EL WoMpO! So when you see EW in the water or hear a loud "Vamos a montar!!!" (Let's Ride), throw a Shaka to the Sky and Get Stoked!!! 


Duppy konkarer and wife
duppy konkarer

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