Beach Flashbacks: 26 Best Beach Memories & Moments From Summer

by Michelle Michalak October 12, 2015

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On August 2015 hundreds of people (maybe even YOU) shared with us their best beach memories and moments for a chance toWIN Slyde Handboards Black Carbon Fiber Set!

We enjoyed reading all your responses and couldn't resist spreading the stoke

26 Epic Beach Moments & Memories that will give you SANDY flashbacks.

Ariel Knepper:  Swimming in La Jolla Cove and a huge bull harbor seal swam right up to my face!

Bryan Paynter: Swimming in Bournemouth, UK to bring in the New Year which is my annual tradition in 2' air and 0' water

Jack Casey:  Big Wednesday at the wedge

Vicky Caseria: Snorkeling with sea turtles in Oahu

David Lindsey: Going to Melbourne, Australia to visit my brother's family and all of us walking to the beach, even though I was dead tired. The water and breeze rejuvenated me and it was so much fun seeing my nieces and nephews play in the water!

Nick Faulkner:My favorite memory is hanging out with my Dad before he was deployed.

J S. : I have a favorite memory from a month ago of introducing my 9 year old twins to the wonders of Slyde Handboards. They are so stoked on bodysurfing with them. Loved getting pounded in the shorebreak with them!

Jake Zimmerman: Getting barreled for the first time

Marc Hirano: When I fell in love with a mermai

Matt Buenviaje: Sharing the stoke with my 4 yr old nephew when he caught his first wave

Cortland Travis: Surfing during hurricane Marie

Angela Cash: Sunday brunch with my roommates at a beachside cafe

Adam Dewolfe: a cold handboard session in Canada followed by a fire and cold beers with friends on the beach talking whomps..... :)

Jaclyn Puccino: Surfing at sunse

Amye Chow: My parents making me wear a lifejacket in the ocean because they were scared a wave was going to take me awa

James Bauerle: Getting my body rubbed in lotion by my wif

Michael Bratek: Catching my first large-mouth bass off the docks near the beach

Michael Hurt: Getting to feel the sand in your toes with perfect weather

Mike Larson: Bodysurfing with my father, brother, and kids at the beach every year. It is a family tradition and of course a fun contest to name the family bodysurf champion of the year

Kevin Loung: Catching a wave surfing only to have my dog swim out and say what u

Alex Reynolds: Collecting shells on a memorable day as a kid with my Dad and brother - ended up with a decent haul of nice shells

Keith Kaikane Watland: Bodysurfing with my late Hawaiian grandfather

Jada Pantel: Swimming next to the whales in Maui 

Gunner Hughes: My first swim with fins and a camer

Hannah Morales: Going on Fourth of July and watching the fireworks shoot off the pie

Brianna Speigle: Spending sun up to sun down at the beach with my 5 siblings... surfing, fishing, having jellyfish/Portuguese man of war fights,  and getting burned to a crisp. 

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Just some of the epic images sent to us from around the world, thank you so much for taking part in the stoke

Bodysurfing handboards handplanes stoke all over the world

Bodysurfing handboards handplanes stoke all over the world

Bodysurfing handboards handplanes stoke all over the world

Bodysurfing handboards handplanes stoke all over the world

Bodysurfing handboards handplanes stoke all over the world




Michelle Michalak
Michelle Michalak

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