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Ready to lay on the romance and make your waterman/woman salty in love?

Slyde Handboards knows all you need are love, surf, sunsets, and an awesome gift.  We've taken the guess work on what your mate wants this Valentines Day and compiled a list of 5 heartfelt & stoked out gifts for YOU & YOURS!


If you want to warm things up in the bedroom, it's best to keep your waterman/woman feeling toasty at sea.  Adelio 3mm surf hoodie and split toe booties, are masterfully crafted for comfort, warmth, and longer surf sessions. Feel the love not the dropping temps.Surf Accessories


#1 in below the belt men's grooming and hygiene, puts the Meow in pubic manicuring and maintenance.  85% of woman think bad grooming is a major turn off, help your man help you get turnt this V-day.

Manscape Personal Hygiene


Forget the boring box of chocolates and spoil your love with some tasty wave candy. The Slyde Bulaboard is designed for speed, smooth rides, and endless fun.  Satisfy their sweet tooth and sense of adventure. 

Sean Enoka Hawaii Bula

Kaha Nalu Hawaii: Apparel

KahaNalu roots run deep in hau’oli la aloha, which translates to happy day of love. Living in tropical paradise translates to no shirts or shoes required, but the tribal island vibes of these t-shirts make getting dressed easy. 

Kahanalu hawaii t-shirt

Surf Ears: Surf Ear Plugs

These stellar waterproof ear plugs make hearing I love you’s loud and clear, and keep water out. SurfEars have close to zero acoustic loss in frequency of human speech, and 100% ease in use. Keep whispering sweet nothings.

FEELING LUCKY?!! Enter to WIN this EPIC V-day Package! CLICK HERE→

Surf Valetines Day

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