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The Bodysurf Mom: There's A New Mom Cruising The California Coastline

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The Bodysurf Mom: There's A New Mom Cruising The California Coastline


1996 unleashed the suburban soccer mom,
but in 2015 the highways have a new mom cruising the coastline...The Bodysurf Mom. 

Slyde recently chatted with  JC Keville, mom to team Slyder Jake Keville and asked all your burning questions.

1. A soccer mom "Often drives a sports-utility vehicle or a minivan, carries snacks and orange juice for the kids, sometimes takes along extra lawn chairs."Is that an accurate for a Bodysurf Mom?What other qualities are needed when beach bound? 

The check list 

SUV ✅ Snacks ✅ Lawn chair ✅ and a MUST HAVE for the beach! I prefer waters and Gatorades over OJ as the sun and heat make the OJ something other than OJ. Quarters and credit cards are another must have for the parking meters. Cash for the state beaches and parks that you need to park in if you don’t have a parking pass. 

How a Busy Mom packs

Slyde Handboards Moms bodysurfing brillance

Since I like to travel light, I bring a small cooler filled with ice packs, waters, Gatorades, zinc, Headhunter, and snacks. My Roxy backpack is a staple for me, as it contains all my “Must Haves” at the beach: SunBum lip balm, Color Science Sunforgettble Powder sunscreen, Urt sunglasses, journal, pens, iPhone, earbuds, portable charger, hat, Kleenex tissues (for the potties & noses) and deck of card.

My beach chair has a towel, canned sunscreen, and straps so I can throw it on my back, hook my backpack on it with a carabiner, and carry the cooler. Most of the families bring pop-ups which is great as they are the BEST families on earth! I usually have an umbrella in my car just in case.

The best car to get the job done

My SUV also contains: our thick and fuzzy Clairemont surf sweatshirts, changes of clothes, extra towels, DaFins for me (the boys have theirs on) and most importantly…2 brushes….I can’t even imagine how much sand would be at my house without the brushes…….I prefer to leave the sand at the beach and just visit weekly! Other qualities that are needed to be beach bound include a huge supply of patience and not having too tight of a schedule as traffic is a given! It’s really hard to plan other activities especially during the summer season. You don’t know going into a competition if you will make the cut for the next day. . .it’s completely unpredictable!

Why she does it

The BEST Quality about being beach bound is the time we travel in the car!  Conversations with Jake and the other SoCal riders I also have the honor of transporting….They are the future of our country and to hear their thoughts, perspective, hopes and dreams… It’s priceless!  Good music and an inspiring or motivational podcast is also nice for me as the drive home is usually long after the contest and if I didn’t have tunes…. all I would hear is snoring….. !

2. What does a typical week look like for you? How's it vary during the summer verse school year?

My typical week is busy!...I am a single mom, work full time, juggle schedules, carpools, cook, clean, grocery shop, yard, pool, bills, laundry, serving in the community, church, etc.  My kiddos are so amazing, they have taken on many responsibilities at home so we can make it all happen! 

During the school year, it is more routine, depending on what season of sport we are in. Things flow pretty smoothly. We have to plan ahead in order to achieve our family goals and TRY to have balance. Our rule is “First on calendar Wins” so the sooner we ink it, the better the chances are we can do it. Summers are a little different. I always think that they will be easier, and each year I look back and think…..”We had a very busy summer!”

Slyde Events are on the weekends so that makes us adjust our weekend chores and responsibilities to another time slot during the week.….My rule is one organized sport at a time and in the summer, Jake has to choose what “Club” sport he wants to play which consists of 12-30 hours a week of travel, games and practices along with our Slyde events on the weekends….throw in a summer vacation at Kanakuk, work, and a week to serve and it’s back to school to do it all again!

3. What about being a Bodysurf Mom brings you the greatest joy?

The greatest joy of being a Bodysurfing Mom is Relationships! The families that we have met and the relationships that have been formed are divine appointments. No matter what the weather, waves, judges, contest, and conditions are….It’s like a family! Amazing men coming alongside Jake to encourage, teach, show, and speak truth into him. The one of a kind moms who serve their families and communities while raising their kids and giving up their weekends too.

My heart fills with joy while watching Jake grow from a little boy to a young strong man, seeing him riding the waves, pulling out of the barrel, dropping into the face of a huge wave (saying a little prayer of safety), getting pitted, doing helicopters, lazyboys and riding out of the wave smiling ear to ear….INCREDIBLE!!! 

4.What's your vehicle of choice?

I drive a Nissan Pathfinder; that is our Beach mobile! It’s great as it seats 7 which allows me to drive other riders to overnight events, with plenty of room for Handboards, luggage, and beach necessities.  

5.  How have you seen the sport/hobby of bodysurfing transformed Jake's life?

Bodysurfing has transformed Jake’s life in many ways. It has opened the door to many new relationships in the bodysurfing community. He has learned so much about the tide, wave type, style and jargon in the world of surfing. 

It has built his confidence, wisdom, and strength, both physically and spiritually, on the best days, while humbling him when he doesn’t finish on top. Bodysurfing has grown in him a passion for the ocean and all its beauty. He has discovered and developed other gifts like photography, videography, editing, travel, and friendships. The “like minded” community of people sharing their passion for the sport. They all come together and share their talents, gifts, and time, encouraging each other to be all that God has them to be!

6. How would you describe the vibe at bodysurfing/handboarding events?  (specifically other parents & families)

The vibe at the Bodysurfing events is exciting, it’s like a community of encouragers meeting at the beach, getting caught up on each other’s life. We spend time reviewing the rules of the particular contest, talking about the surf conditions, and what the judges will be looking for. 

The people who compete are of all ages and come from different backgrounds. It’s been so incredible hearing the stories of some of the Ryders who have traveled half way around the world for a contest, what it is like in their country, and the bodysurfing community or lack of one. It’s completely clear that the SoCal families are the BEST!...Their character, spirit and love is contagious. 

It’s so awesome to have Bodysurfing as the common bond and knowing that even if we don’t see each other all the time, we will pick up right where we left off at that beach.

7. If could take a road trip with the Oc_Crew & Slyde where would you go and for how long?

The #1 trip I would LOVE to take with the OC Crew, SDRyders and Slyde would be to Hawaii for 10 days, as we all keep talking about going to Oahu and surfing at Point Panic! The guys all have such respect and admiration for Mark Cunningham and hope to spend some time in the water with him. My #2 choice would be Australia for 2 ½ weeks, as I heard the Del Mar Bodysurfing Club guys talking about all the amazing surf and incredible times they had there. Slyde Ryders would ROCK in Australia!

Cheers to all the amazing & supportive bodysurf Mom's & Dad's out there! The Slyde Team applauds you!




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