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You can't always be at the ocean, but a picture can instantly take you there. 

Welcome to Slyde's Insta-Cation, an Instagram day dream with 7 Bodysurfing/Beach loving accounts that will keep you virtually stoked where-ever you are.

Bodysurf Australia





Ben "Oakes" Oakley comes to us by way of the Gold Coast, Australia.
Founder of the @goldie_sliders  a keen crew of handboarders & bodysurfers who regularly light up the Aussie coastline with fun.


Bodysurf Handsurf Japan

Danho Endo is a drone flying ocean loving dude, who happens to be a leading figure with in the Japan Bodysurfers Association.  His instagram is full of smiles, beach adventures and sides of Japan you may never knew existed.


Bodysurf San Diego

Mattson Culbert delivers all things Southern California, surfing, sunsets, and stoke.  Bright happy colorful images will melt your worries away, and have you California dreaming.


Slyde Handboards Australia

Slyde Handboards Australia! Yes mates, we've expanded down under.
Travis Davies of On A Mission Australia at the helm.  Follow this account to get the inside track on all handboard arrivals and departures, with salty adventures in between. 


Bodysurf Television

Michael Paul Chan is perhaps been known as Lieutenant Michael Tao on the TNT series The Closer and Major Crimes, but did you know this American television star also shreds the gnar? Yup, it's true and looks like his Slyde phish happens to be his weapon of choice. 


Bert Street Art
The BERT project began in 2013, combining street art and surfing at epic proportions.  He's stenciled & sprayed some the sketchiest of places, and most recently found himself the featured artist for the WSL "Founders Cup" at Kelly Slaters Surf Ranch.


Hawaii Surf Photographer

Philip Kitamura of Kaha Nalu Hawaii  is a firm believer of take care of the land (and ocean) and it will take care of you.  He knows a good wave when he sees it, and he's able to capture the essence of the perfect barrel in a single click. 


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