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7 Perfect BodySurf Holidays for Couples and Families

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7 Perfect BodySurf Holidays for Couples and Families

Eager surfers and bodysurfers travel the world in search of the perfect waves, but the best spots need to be comfortable enough for beginners as well.

Introducing a spouse, partner or children to surfing calls for balanced swells which are not too big and currents which are not dangerous. The best surf holidays for couples will also deliver an endless array of things to do, places to eat, and activities for the entire family.

Here’s a look at seven perfect surf holidays for couples and families so that you can plan a holiday, which rewards you with the best of both worlds a bodysurfing adventure which you’ll never forget.

Lagos, Portugal

Lagos has several surf beaches, but the best conditions for beginners and families are in the Algarve stretch. Throughout the year you can expect some of the most reliable waves. On a day to day basis, bodysurfers and handboarders are rewarded with swells which just keep rolling in. Combine the excellent waves with warm weather conditions, and you've got a place where you can surf 365-days a year.

Between Praia do Tonel, which is walking distance from Sagres to the jaw-dropping cliffs surrounding Praia do Beliche, there are some amazing places to explore during your surf holiday. You can also look forward to exploring the large national park north of Sagres, and explore the rich culture and quaint shops of the many villages scattered throughout Lagos. Most are adjacent to the country's best surf spots.

Byron Bay, Australia

Byron Bay is a beautiful sport along the coast of New South Wales, Australia. This town is a laid back haven for hippies, which delivers everything a handboarder & body surfer could hope for. It's ideal for individuals, couples, and families. Not only are there bungalows and hotels suited to all budgets, but the nightlight is fantastic too. To get away, you can look forward to relaxed stretches of beach and a quaint lighthouse. Byron Bay's beaches are offering extremely forgiving conditions with waves ideal for beginners. Despite the abundance of shops, bars, restaurants, and surf centers, this is a beautiful place with a chilled atmosphere.

Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa

Jeffrey’s Bay is a small town on the Eastern coast of South Africa, which draws thrives on its tourism industry. The waves here draw beginner and professional surfers from around the world. Jeffrey’s Bay, otherwise known as J-Bay to the locals, is a surf mecca, which is considered by many to have the most varied but best surf out of anywhere in the world.

Beginners will love the warm waters and reliable waves. Everything in town is nearby, and there is a huge selection of shops, bars, restaurants and a decent amount of nightlife, especially during celebrations like the J-Bay Winterfest and surf competition. Few other places offer a combination of excitement & tranquility like Jeffrey's Bay. Couples can enjoy romantic sunsets looking out over the many lights dotting the coastline due to the bustling local fishing trade while sipping on a good drink such as a Paul Masson Brandy or a trendy local cocktail.

Waikiki, Hawaii

Waikiki is a beach playground with a surf that's perfect for beginners and experienced bodysurfers alike, and a selection of high-rise hotels, and vibrant entertainment & activities that are second to none. After dark, the entire neighborhood springs to life with hula shows, cocktail bars a-plenty, dining of all types, and all types of waterside fun. Explore Honolulu Zoo to see the famed Komodo dragons first hand, as well as many peacocks wandering free. Within the area, you'll also find a reef exhibit and aquarium teeming with life. You'll also find lots of surf instructors ready to help the whole family learn to ride a wave.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a world-famous surf holiday destination that has fun for the whole family. While not that big, Bali has several beaches supplying conditions that suit bodysurfers  & handboards of all skill levels. Beginners and families can start by heading to the southern edge of Bali, while Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu, and the Bukit Peninsula all also provide options for surfers.

Canggu is about the most forgiving, ideal for longboard setups. Yet, if you're looking for expert waves and massive swells, head to Echo Beach. The iconic Balangan Beach was once highly inaccessible, but today is much easier to reach. The wave's here are among the most consistent in the whole of Bali but if you're looking for somewhere busier try Uluwatu or Keramas. From an archaic temple nearby at Tanah Lot to grand displays of Balinese culture and a plethora of nightlife, Bali is a great place to visit with lots to do.

Taghazout, Morocco

For a budget-friendly surf holiday that’ll have the whole family awaiting the wonderful weather and waves, look no further than the sunny beaches of Taghazout, Morocco. Affectionately known to bodysurfers around the world as the surf capital of Morocco, this is a wonderful location with perfect surf hospitality and a selection of sites that'll keep even the most demanding travelers happy. With the low prices found here, you and your partner can enjoy high-end drinks and luxury living. Even premier alcohol like Louis XIII Cognac is affordable in Morocco.

It's a haven for countless travelers fleeing the icy winters of northern Europe each year. Along the South coast, you'll find waves of all difficulty levels, while the sight of camels traversing the stretches of beach never ceases to amuse. While the town itself is quiet with just a few restaurants and bars, the small size makes it the ideal place to explore on foot. Head to Taghazout for a relaxing surf vacation, that'll have you wanting to stay for weeks thanks to the laid back atmosphere and warm, welcoming weather.

Malibu, California

No list of surf holidays would be complete without Malibu. Seated in sunny California, Malibu optimizes the phrase 'surfing USA' for it truly has some of the most beautiful, versatile conditions out of the whole West coast. Surfrider beach is famed for its right-hand break, but this is normally a bit too taxing for beginners.

World-class surf conditions await with some of the biggest waves seen, but if you and your family are learning to surf, then you should rather try Zuma beach where the TV series "Baywatch" was filmed. However, for an escape from the crowds and a long stretch of surf, head to Topanga Beach. It's not the easiest conditions, but most beginners find the challenge extremely satisfying, with a great long ride for those who catch a wave properly. For 150 days a year, families can enjoy a bodysurf holiday in Malibu. The surroundings are filled with things to do, and you'll struggle to find an atmosphere which captures surfer culture better.

Prepare Yourself for the Perfect Surf Holiday

Every surfer needs to make sure that they're fully prepared to travel in convenience, comfort, and style. Roof carrier systems are readily available with universal fitment. If you buy one in advance, you'll be able to fit it to a rental so that your surfboard or other outdoor equipment is safe and with you at all times.

A roof carrier is an asset to anyone who owns bikes or surfboards. The extra weight is well worth carrying, especially if you're transporting or renting a dual sport bike for your adventure as well. For example, a good bike like the Yamaha WR250R is available in most countries, and all you'll need to bring along is a carrier system to accommodate it. Of course you can always just pack a Slyde Handboard, which fits inside a backpack.

The great thing is most good carriers will let you fit a surfboard and dirt bike. Bringing a bike along, or renting one, is a good idea when visiting surf spots around the world as most places are quite small but really close to other towns and attractions.

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