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7 Places to Surf the Perfect Wave – Without the Ocean

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7 Places to Surf the Perfect Wave – Without the Ocean

Have you tried surfing once and now cannot wait to go surfing again? Do you love surfing and cannot imagine your life without catching a good wave once or twice a year?

Then we have good news. In this article, we have collected the best spots on the planet to catch the perfect wave. Surprisingly, these places do not require you to go to the ocean to catch the biggest waves in the world. Actually, to surf a perfect wave, you do not need a massive body of water. All you need is good equipment, your special technique, and just add water.

Here are some perfect locations for an incredible & unconventional surfing vacation.

Lake Michigan

Never associated rivers and lakes with surfing? Still, believe that the water that does not move cannot give you a perfect wave to catch? Well time to change that mindset. Surfing without the ocean can be really great. Powerful wind can really turn even the stillest water into a wonderful place for surfing. The fact is that Lake Michigan is also known as the “Malibu of the West,” is attracting surfers from around the globe. Mostly, those surfers have already tried the best ocean-related locations and now seek new feelings with lake-surfing. Other lakes with powerful winds can actually become a perfect spot as well.


A lunch counter in Wyoming might have never become popular if it was not for the Snake River that produces a rush of water near it. Now, this spot is called Jackson Hole’s Lunch Counter. Many young surfers from America come there to surf on an escalator of water.

Montreal’s Habitat 67

St. Lawrence River in Canada keeps its deepest secret for surfers. You should look for a housing complex Habitat 67 to find a place with a standing wave that results from the fast movement of the water. A massive swell of water hits underwater boulders creating a wave that can reach 6 feet in height. The only disappointment is that it actually serves to catch the wave – you can hardly move with it. However, this is definitely a new experience that you cannot have surfing in the ocean.

Munich, Germany

Do you know how far Munich is from the nearest sea or ocean? Despite all this distance, it still can impress surfers. A man-made river Eisbach attracts millions of locals for its incredible beauty and depth. Back in the 1970s, surfers spotted its standing waves, but it was legally allowed to surf here since 2010. Since then, this place has been well-known for its long rides. The waves are not high, but the water will carry you as long as you can stand on the board.

River Amazon

If you like traveling, river surfing in the Amazon River can definitely be your best experience. It usually takes time and efforts to get to this place, but Pororoca is definitely worth it. The waves here can reach a 12 feet height. Every dry season, locals arrange a competition for the longest ride. You can try and win.

Surf Pool

Should you happen to go to UAE, you should definitely go to the only artificial pool in the world where waves can be as high as 8 or 10 feet. The waves can be adjusted to create the right and left barrels. This is truly the best place if you try to learn a new technique.


In Hangzhou, China, the best spot to surf in a tidal bore in the Qiantang River. This place is famous for the longest wave in the world that was 30 feet high. Every year this place hosts a competition among surfers. You should definitely consider going.

Sometimes, it is necessary to look at things from a different perspective. Who said that lakes, rivers or pools could not be a good fit for surfers? We have just proved it wrong. We are sure that there are many places that are yet to be discovered. If you like surfing and if you are really good at catching waves, try a new experience and go surfing in the places that were deemed unsuitable for this. Often, unconventional surf travel is the best thing you need to re-load and leave your comfort zone.


Nicole Cowart is a professional writer at https://samedaypapers.com who has built her career researching some socially important topics and writing about them. Nicole has recently found her passion for surfing and even started her own blog. She became interested in searching for unconventional surfing spots across the world and shared what she found in the given article.

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