by Adam Whitten January 20, 2016

Undecided Future has been playing around Slyde headquarters the last couple of months.

Making most of us dance in our seats and sing out loud- they keep our booties grooving and our Mondays moving.

This pop-funk based local Orange County based band is made up of five members,Matt Jarnagin (Lead Vocals) Matisse Pasillas (Drums/Perc) Cole Fredrick (Guitar/Vocals) Nick Stone (Keyboard/Vocals) Hayden Lyskoski (Bass/Vocals).

We were lucky enough to grab them for a couple of quick minutes and touch on some brief info before their upcomingNAMMshow.

So you guys are a local OC band give us a brief bio?

We've been playing dope music together since freshman year, each individually honing in on our unique personal styles. Since then we've won 3 battle of the bands and one people's choice award from the OC music awards and just last week won a songwriting competition.

Whats coming up for you that is big?

Nothing major planned at the moment, but getting ready to record our new single, Warm.

What are you guys doing to prepare for this?

We've been practicing non-stop, and always pitching ideas on how to modify and improve the song.

New Year's Resolutions for the band and yourselves?

New Year's resolution is to be nothing but ourselves, and be 100% driven to achieve our goals, stopping at nothing to get there.

Where to catch them Live:

If you're in the Orange County area this Thursday January 21, 2015 make sure to check out their show! And stay tuned for the full interview of these young rockers coming soon to the Slyde Blog.

We will be boogieing down at the show, if you wanna see us and them get more info on the showclick here! See you there!


Adam Whitten
Adam Whitten

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