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The original Little Mermaid, Ariel, might have been fascinated by life on land, but do you ever find yourself mesmerized by the sea? 

We’re not talking a subtle appreciation of the ocean, but more of a deep seeded obsession.

Warning: What follows may be difficult to read as it may splash a little too close to home. While some people may exhibit a few of the following traits at one time or another, a true mermaid tends to exhibit 4 or more traits habitually.

You Hate Walking

We’re not just talking you're a clumsy walker, like Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars (thumbs up to her mermaidesque dress)  Rather, walking is downright uncomfortable, borderline unnatural, and even on the least humid of days you find your legs keep wanting to stick together.

Hydration is Your Motivation

As a creature of the sea, you’re fueled by water activities like swimming, bodysurfing, snorkeling, baths, and even walking in the rain (although partial towards salt water). You also tend to become dehydrated easily, and are prone to chapped lips and flakey skin.

Your Best Friends Include Dolphins & Sea Lions

While most people are snapping selfies, shopping with their homies & drinking craft beers.  You find yourself more in-tune to nature and gravitating to marine mammals, attempting to decode the secret language of flipper and mimicking the URT of a Sea Lion.

Your Brand Icons Are Starbucks & Chicken of The Sea

Forget Justin Bieber and The Kardashians, woman of the sea rule your brand preferences.Nautical themes and twin-tailed mermaids steal your heart.

You can swim better than Michael Phelps

You’re not just an average swimmer you’re olympic worthy.  Water makes you feel weightless,  with underwater skills only comparable to a fish.  You’re also prone to spinning in the water, like a tornado in the ocean.

You have a problem with luring sailors

As a seafaring fish-lady you have a thing for waterman, seducing them comes naturally.  Set all negative mermaid myths aside, it’s not about wrecking their ships, but rather expressing your salty passion.

Your Favorite Color Is Aqua

This color is soothing and immediately brings a feeling of home.  Your design and decor style includes a heavy dose of blues, and a mellow vibe follows you where-ever you go.

Do you qualify as a real life mermaid?  or ready to become one? CLICK Here to Grab the Ultimate MUST HAVE Mermaid Accessory!!

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