Can you give us a Quick Bio:

I grew up in water.  If I wasn’t at the beach I would be swimming, training or in the backyard pool.  As I got older it progressed to surfing and body surfing.  When swimming in the surf life saving we used to race round the buoys and get a wave back to shore and run up the beach. I wanted to work near the ocean and Lifeguarding seemed like a natural progression of what I love to do.  I’m in the ocean almost every day.

Who inspired you to be a Waterman & Lifeguard? How?

My family inspired me! My sister was an amazing swimmer who was unlucky not to go to the olympics in my opinion, and dad was an ocean lover. We grew up having bodysurfing competitions to see who could hold a wave all the way to shore. When I finished school I didn’t really know what I wanted to do.  All I knew I was wanted to be near or around the water.

What's the Wildest rescue situation you've experienced as a lifeguard?

I think it was 2004 or 2005 and it was a busy day at Bondi with 25,000 on the beach it was steamy hot, but we knew there was a storm coming ( great news for the Lifeguards if you want a quiet afternoon) the storm cleared the beach.  It's amazing when it clears a crowd like that. I remember thinking how strange it was that other people don’t notice the storm coming.

About 60 meters away from the tower an Irish doctor by the name of Colin O’Biran got struck and "killed" by a bolt of lightening. I went out in to the electrical storm with some other lifeguards and I picked up Colin's lifeless body together we chucked him on the back of our ATV and took him under the lifeguard tower out of the storm where we bought him back to life.

His 2 surfing companions where both doctors also and I remember the yelling match we had with them as we tried to help,  they quickly realized we knew what we were doing and let us do our thing. I don’t remember if the defib shocked him but after 25 minutes of CPR he left with a pulse,  but not conscious. 6 months later he returned to the tower as he was heading back to Ireland, he was in a wheel chair but had just learned to walk again.