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Prince and Princess of Monaco: Bodysurfing Fans

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Sharing the Bodysurfing Stoke   

We are super proud to announce that we have some royal fans in Europe.  Hopefully, we will bring more bodysurfing stoke to the Monaco royal family with their new handboards. The Prince and Princess of Monaco were stoked to get their Slyde handboards on a recent trip to South Africa! Check out the photos.

Prince of Monaco bodysurfing fan.The Prince of Monaco was a five-time Winter Olympian piloting his bobsled, so he is used to speed.  Clearly he loves sports, and you could say he knows how to slyde on ice anyway! He loves to surf, sail and water ski, so we reckon from his smile that he will enjoy his new Slyde handboard.

Princess Charlene Foundation

The Princess is also a former South African Olympic swimmer (safe to say she can handle the ocean) and she runs a foundation that teaches and inspires kids to accomplish in the athletic field and in particular, swimming.  We think this makes Slyde Handboards the perfect match.  What better way to teach the kids how to master the ocean than on a handboard.  Groms have to start somewhere! Who else are we going to watch tear up Teahupo'o in the 2025 code red swell?

Princess of Monaco bodysurfing fan.The Princess is very passionate about the foundation.  In her words, “Because I’m very passionate about swimming, and teaching children to swim, I’ve drawn the inspiration from this to put back into a sport that I love very much."

The foundation gives opportunities to young athletes that might not have the means to reach their goals due to their lack of facilities and coaching. The present and future goals of the foundation are highlighting the importance and reinforcing the awareness of water safety.

Hopefully Slyde Handboards can give back and help in some way, like bringing the stoke of ocean to more people by teaching kids bodysurfing and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. 

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