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Seven Great Ways to Transport Your Handboard

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Transporting surfboards has always been a thing that surfers have had to be creative about.  I’ve seen everything: From surfers using their short boards as a seat on their mopeds, to holding longboards out their car window. Sure, handboards don’t pose the same inconvenience as their larger counterparts, which is the great thing about handplanesIt’s an easy travel companion. However, they still need to be somehow transported to the beach. Here are some clever ideas for those of you either struggling to transport, or just want to be clever and stand out in a crowd for all the wrong reasons:


Dog Slyde Transporter

  1. Dog best way to transport your Slyde HandboardCowboy: Our very unwilling participant in the dog carrying exercise. This might take a bit of training to get perfected, but we believe it has good potential, even if cowboy thinks it’s the worst idea since skateboards and vacuum cleaners were invented. Have a dog? Tie your handboard to their back and have them walk it for you. Don’t have a dog? Well that’s too bad, dogs are the best-- but don’t worry, there are plenty of other ways you can get your handboard to the beach! So read on if you’re stumped on glorious ways to transport your handboard.

Girlfriend Slyde Transporter

  1. Do you patron the beach with your girlfriend or maybe a female friend or family member? Go ahead and throw your handboard in their enormous beach bag! You will be doing them a favor by having them work out their bag carrying muscles.

Slyde Hat Carrier

  1. Is the sun blazing overhead like never before on this summer day?  Use your handboard as a hat to transport while keeping away harmful UV rays!

Belt Buckle Transporter

  1. Maybe you want to look really retro today-- fasten the board to your belt to form a fanny-pack type mechanism. (This one is sure to make everyone jealous-- or confused)  It’s unquestionably the biggest fashion statement of the bunch.

Backpack Slyde Carrier

  1. If you don’t want the extra weight on your waist, why not make your board into a backpack? Or hey, put it in your backpack! It’s small enough after all!

Slyde Tourist Plow

  1. Skateboarding to the beach today? Use your handboard as a shield to plow through tourists who are patronizing your favorite surf spot. That’ll give ‘em a taste of what’s to come in the water.

Slyde Bike Seat

  1. Bike seat the best way to transport your Slyde HandboardAfter much deliberation on this technique, it may be comfortable, but it’s not going to make you the coolest kid on the block.  Although, that was just our finding. You should try yourself (we got booed at while we cruised down the road) Do you ride a bike? Sit on your handboard like it’s part of your seat. Not only will this give you hands-free transporting abilities, but will also provide you with a wider, more luxurious sitting experience.  Everyone needs a comfy ass, and why wouldn’t you?


Maybe none of these are applicable to you because you drive a car to the beach.  If that’s the case, then you don’t need any of this advice because you are lucky enough to have a car.  Just throw it in your car... anywhere... it’s super small. If you want to be flashy, you can strap it to the top, but in the end that will have just taken more effort than putting it inside the car.

We hope this gives you some ideas, and helps you get to the beach with more efficiency to catch some tube with your handboard. Safe transporting!

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